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  • Comment on Pacioretty, Gionta join Eller on sidelines; two-game suspension for Sens’ Gryba (2013-05-03 11:36:24)
    Kerry Fraser's analysis is quite compelling...and it seems that most "experts" are leaning towards a legal hit. What I find particularly troublesome is the fact that no one from the Ottawa Senators seemed particularly concerned for Eller's health. Coach MacLean was blatantly unsympathetic. Fine, he was making his case against Diaz but he could have at least added in that it was unfortunate, hope he's OK, yadda yadda. I watched the interviews with Gryba last night and I didn't hear any concern for Eller that is quoted in this article (Did he say it on subsequent interviews?). Latendresse, Methot both answered similarly although not quite as harshly as MacLean. I find this bothering me more than the hit itself.
  • Comment on NHLPA considers labour laws to block Habs from locking out players (2012-09-10 10:16:55)
    This actually creates a good negotiation tactic to bring desired UFAs to Montreal! "Wanna get paid this year? Sign with us for three years...." Finally, a reason to sign in Mtl rather than any other place!
  • Comment on Flyers make big move (2012-07-19 11:37:27)
    After a little research, I can pretty much confirm that it will indeed be 4 first round picks.... the calculation is the total compensation divided by the LESSER of either the total # of years of the contract OR 5. So in this case, his average annual cap hit will be well over the $7.8 Million needed to make it to the 4 1st round picks...(see below - got it from Extract: After a player has signed an offer sheet and submits the necessary paperwork, his prior club has seven days to exercise its Right to First Refusal and match the terms of the offer sheet. There can be no conditions or contingencies in the offer sheet and a player cannot be traded once an offer sheet has been signed. If the prior club declines its Right to First Refusal, it will be entitled to draft pick compensation based on the annual annual value of the new deal. This is determined by dividing total compensation by the less of the number of years of the offer sheet, or five (this discourages long-term offer sheets in some cases). The criteria for RFA draft pick compensation in 2011-12 is as follows: $1,034,249 annual cap hit or less: No compensation $1,034,249 — $1,567,043: Third-round pick $1,567,043 — $3,134,088: Second-round pick $3,134,088 — $4,701,131: First and third-round pick $4,701,131 — $6,268,175: First, second and third-round pick $6,268,175 — $7,835,219: Two first-round picks, a second and third $7,835,219 and higher: Four first-round picks
  • Comment on Profs give Therrien passing grade (2012-07-05 16:34:25)
    Hey all, Read here a lot and learn a ton from you guys...can't say I'm nearly as "with it" as all of you. But one thing that keeps nagging at me is what the suggestions are for Gomez. Suggestions range from buy out, all the way to "let him play, he's not as bad as everyone thinks". Truth is, he isn't performing, but one can make the argument that his coaches haven't got the best out if him in the last few seasons (at least the argument can be made). So, the question is: How is Scott Gomez of MOST value to us? I don't see many of you talking trade. I think that is our best chance at severing ties with him. Find a team who is still far from the cap floor with an almost complete roster. He represents a 7.3 million cap hit, and will cost 5.5 mil this this and 4.5 mil next year. This, to me, represents an excellent opportunity to use Scott Gomez as a package deal to a team in need. Phoenix? great option but might be difficult given ownership issues. Doan may not sign with them, Langkow is still unsigned, they are hurting to try to get to the cap floor. Nashville? In my opinion, this could be an excellent option. Offer him up for simply a draft pick (so Nash doesn't lose any more space) OR, a crazier suggestion would be Gomez, Pleks, and Y. Webber for S. Weber (since he's an RFA). I think this would be a wise use of Gomez's situation...much better than a buy out, hamilton assignment, europe, etc. Please don't slam my ideas too hard!!!
  • Comment on More on the Bergevin hiring (2012-05-04 15:51:53)
    Totally agree...
  • Comment on Carolina inches closer to Canadiens (2012-02-14 10:56:40)
    Even for a few shifts, I sure would have liked to see Schultz in the line up against Boston on Wednesday. Not necessarily to take on Thornton, Lucic, and Chara, but at least have him in the line up in case the game gets out of hand like last year.
  • Comment on Chewing over the latest L (2011-10-25 11:54:37)
    TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! Was just discussing this this weekend. If and when Patrick Roy ever becomes coach of the Habs...I hate to say it but they will have lost one fan for at least the amount of time he's there. I'm already having a very difficult time seeing his jersey up there beside Lafleur, Beliveau, and the Rocket (guys who dedicated their lives to the Bleu, blanc, rouge...not some high on his horse goalie who played 45% of his career elsewhere!). Seeing him behind the bench will end it for me.
  • Comment on HIO special section: Setting the scene for Canadiens season (2011-10-06 09:53:21)
    Thank you! Nice surprise... Much appreciated.
  • Comment on Betts claimed off waivers; Woywitka on waivers; Palushaj, Blunden, Schultz to Hamilton (2011-10-05 14:28:59)
    Totally agree.....I really hope we don't give up on him. With Markov in his corner, he could be some of the grit we're all aching for. I hope he can exhibit enough patience to stick through the tough times (low ice time) until that happens. Question: Who would we want more over the long tern (2-4 years)? Yemelin or Diaz? Time will tell I guess.
  • Comment on Betts claimed off waivers; Woywitka on waivers; Palushaj, Blunden, Schultz to Hamilton (2011-10-05 12:58:20)
    Man, I don't know. There is the other part where he didn't contribute to a cup in the 11 years (or so) he was captain. I think retiring a jersey is an incredible honour that should not be doled out easily. Again, compared to the guys up there now? Maybe not. Let's just say, all things considered and looking at their respective time in Mtl, my opinion is that Saku did more to earn it than Roy did.