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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-23 07:02:21)
    Wow I'm pumped - what a convincing series for the HABS. They dominated in so many facets of the game and gave the inexperienced TB team a clinic. To all of you forced to suffer through the "CBC-Hockey-Night-in-Canada-means-I hate-the-Canadiens-"journalism": complaining or hoping you can meet them in the street to pound them is just day dreaming. If you want to hurt them - actively avoid their advertisers - that will hurt their ticket and make them nervous. I don't often watch the CBC garbage HNIT show so I don't really know who to target but I believe Subway, Moores and others are on the list. Avoid them and tell others -Make them pay!!
  • Comment on Habs happy to be home with 2-0 series lead (with video) (2014-04-19 12:32:14)
    RE: Lucic spearing people in the nuts and the NHL does nothing The Answer is simple. Every player on Detroit should go after Lucic's nuts non-stop all game long until he Is raw and bleeding. If the league allows it, then it is up to Detroit to get him to stop playing like a spoiled little brat..
  • Comment on Carolina last stop for Habs before Olympic break (2014-02-08 09:15:21)
    If Bounival doesn't play (and it looks like he won't) Do you play Parros on the 4th line? Or call up a young one? After Sven's 4 point night this week, I'd like to see him slot on Eller's wing for a game. A nice reward for Sven, a chance for a good look and hopefully some of his scoring touch rubs off on the team.
  • Comment on Dick Irvin the special guest on this week’s HI/O Show (2014-02-06 14:27:30)
    The sad thing is he will make the team and be a contributor. What's sad is that instead of seeing the development of another young player onto our roster, we will focus on the fact he is small.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 42 – Canadiens win a wild one in Dallas to begin 2014 (2014-01-02 19:13:18)
  • Comment on Brière expected to return to Habs’ lineup against Predators (2013-12-20 23:57:46)
    Great post below Matty absosmurfly right! "too small" -what a joke. Sure the habs are small and would be better if they had more height, strength and grit. But "too" small??? :>? I can see them - they are not that small, even if my TV is not THAT big They are tall enough to ride roller coasters - even my nephew can ride the roller coaster and he is like 4ft something They are tall enough to skate and play hockey and capable of winning games. More than they lose. More than bigger teams. But I must agree they are 3.71 inches too small to win 4 games in the playoffs and 3.83 inches too small to possibly win the Stanley. It is completely impossible so please apologize for your optimism - it may rub off on all the eors in here (and then we will really be in trouble!)
  • Comment on Habs enjoy a break in busy schedule (2013-12-09 11:36:57)
    I was thinking the same thing earlier. So yes it makes sense to me. Might also consider promoting Diaz to play with Emelin, if Diaz keeps it up.
  • Comment on Habs enjoy a break in busy schedule (2013-12-09 11:11:46)
    Loved the movie - it was modern, playtfull and accessible. I have a friend, a successful writer and college professor - he did not like it and thought it was too watered down. If you are in class - you are on your mobile? Are your students allowed to be on their mobile? what kind of example are you setting there?? ;)
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-12-08 10:41:17)
    Agreed - A huge suspension and fine is required. If not we will see this nonsense again way too soon. Unfortunately, I fear this will be business as usual and the NHL will come out with a ruling that panders to all sides resulting in NO REAL MESSAGE sent to the teams and players. The justification will be: "They are grown men, they know what they did wrong, they won't do it again". Meanwhile we let them play like animals, like somehow Hockey needs to be as animalistic as possible to be good. Yay gladiators - kill each other for sport! What a crock!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 31 – Canadiens win ugly for fifth in a row (2013-12-07 21:39:42)
    At least we won - Does not feel like a victory That was not a good game + The brutal mugging in the Pits-Bruins game = Not as much fun tonight The habs and the NHL still have work to do