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  • Comment on On to Boston (2011-12-19 04:35:08)
    I'm not Canadian and live in Europe?
  • Comment on On to Boston (2011-12-18 20:22:57)
    The language argument is so tedious but both sides have good points. We don't need more of a Québécois presence, we need more of a good Québécois presence. The Habs are the worldwide symbol of French Canada and I think they do indeed have a certain responsibility to have a French language presence. Problem is the Habs can't find good local talent to save their life and it becomes catfights over grinders and coaches (I think your average Franco would choose more top six Franco forwards over a coach ten out of ten).
  • Comment on Islanders heading north? (2011-08-03 16:53:54)
    They have a terrible owner, haven't won jack since 1993 (with some utterly soul-killing moves in the meantime) and play in what is almost universally considered the worst building in North American pro sports. Dare I say it, if you threw the Habs in that situation, they'd be struggling to draw fans too. They're hardly Phoenix, the Isles have never failed to sell out a playoff game and have never resorted to 2 for $20 ticket deals to do so either.