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  • Comment on Injured Prust won’t be in Habs lineup against Blue Jackets (2014-03-20 15:14:07)
    www.dailyfaceoff.com is where u find who starts in nets. Carey will start tonight.. As well, way to go Tim , get better soon , Habs will require a player of your talent soon..
  • Comment on Dick Irvin the special guest on this week’s HI/O Show (2014-02-05 21:58:56)
    Any rumour on this 4 hours ago Looks like LA and Habs are cooking up a deal.... A big one that is...looks like Markov, Plekanec & a 3rd rounder 2014 going there for Brown, Tuffoli, Muzzin and a first rounder 2014..... Report this comment!
  • Comment on Habs’ Therrien faces heat while Guy Boucher takes coaching job in Switzerland (2014-01-27 20:29:12)
    Defense paring Subban -Beaulieu Gorges-Markov Emelin/left side/Diaz Tinordi-Pateryn Plekanec -Eller- -Gionta Pacioretty-Desharnais-Gallagher Prust-Briere-Bourque Moen-Bournival-White Eller should be at centre
  • Comment on Pacioretty out 3 to 4 weeks following surgery to remove appendix (2013-01-27 12:10:35)
    PK Subban where do i start. My question who is at this moment your best defenceman , Markov, i say not, he is only one a hit away from season ending career. In 2 years Markov will be done in this new hocket era.Habs have not played the better teams yet, Boston, Rangers , Pittsburg. Within there division Markov will be targeted , and if Markov goes down who do the habs then to carry the offensive defenceman load, no one but Subban. Who hits like a ton of bricks besides Emelien yes you guessed it Subban,, i remember the hit he made on Marchand all i can say WOW. Don Cherry rockem sockem i believe that Subban is there at least 5-6 times.He is a young kid and Marc B better sign him due to the fact there will be offer sheets coming very soon.I gotta say habs do give up on there youth, Kostyin he was one of habs leader in hits and poof gone, it would be nice to have heavy hitters nowwithin there division. The only way habs makes play oof , if Subban signs and Price stands on his head.. Good luck habs i,ve been a fan since 1957 and teams is improving but sign Subban for 5M for 5 years. If we want Subban that bad we pay him now or pay later before he goes somewhere else. GL habs..
  • Comment on Revisionist math (2012-01-08 22:02:55)
    Seen the boston -vancouver game , all of it, and i gotta say boston reminds me of the broad street bullies from philly.Dirty team in this league by far.Marchand should be gone from league,a little rat in sheeps clothing, some day he will get what he deserves, cheap shot artist at his best. Lucic what can i say, enough said, he was going off the ice and came back on and the dirtiest player of all chara, in the last minute of game he gave a two hander slash to a vancouver defenseman no call but the defenseman that was slashed got a penalty , what a joke, i,ve noticed that all cheap work usually happens in boston ice.If the bruins had any significant injuries this year , they would falter.I hope the league slaps both Lucic and Marchand with suspenions, but gut feel maybe one game.
  • Comment on Bounce-back game for P.K.? (2011-12-27 12:11:25)
    What the hush hush on Markov , shouldn,t we have a update on him by now. Today is the 27th same day we acquired the wiz last year. Diffficult to make trades with mtl players with all No movement clauses, who are they anyway..We URGENTLY require hard nose centers and someone who can go in front of net and corners, not like the smurfs that we have now..We need tu UPSIZE soonest,defense, center..
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-23 12:35:27)
    Wow french coaches lets see below.a 1.Jacques Demers regular season .548 playoffs .704 2.Mario Tremblay , regular season .525 playoffs .273 3.Alain Vignault, regular season .483 playoffs .400 4.Michel Therrien ,regular season .500 playoffs .500 5.Claude Julien ,regular season .531 playoffs .364 6.Bob Gainey ,regular season .598 playoffs .333 7.Guy Carbonneau, regular season .589 playoffs .417 8.Bob Gainey again 2009,regular season .500 playoffs .000 9.Jacques Martin , regular season .554 playoffs .462 10.Randy Cunneyworth-regular season .000 As you can tell the french coaches are not that great either, and for Bob Gainey bashing stats don,t lie, not too bad. Lets review it started with Patrick Roy trade and treatment from Mario. After that it,s been down hill from there. GM,s sad since Sam Pollock left , some harsh trades too , Patrick Roy, Eric Dejardins/ John Leclair Wow. The present Habs too small up the middle , puck moving defensemen limited, prelific scorer that can change game around, no one..Goalie thank goodness that have Price, only for him we may have only 6 wins..The whole habs organization has to be removed bring back Scotty Bowman and or one of his sons, then they may have a chance in future.Presently , no size, no grit, no confidence, get it back soon or the season may be over before the new year starts.
  • Comment on We have a series … and Canada’s Team is in trouble (2011-06-07 19:39:54)
    What a joke 4 games for a legal hit, late hit but legal. There is a stink bomb in nhl and it,s in front office, campbell and company. Suddendly Campbell decides to retire from front office as soon as the bruins are in cup final. Chara hit Max Pax lets review late hit well after the play , no suspension. Lucic on Spacek , late hit no puck , no suspension. Ferrence on Helpen no puck well after play, late hit no ssupension. Marchand on Wozinski should i say anymore, no suspension, and finally regular season Campbell with Tom Pyatt, elbow pads hitting Pyatt no suspension, see a pattern here.NO SUSPENSIONS FOR BOSTON and last nite Chara , Lucic going after Burrows into boards not even a penalty.Gutless teams the bruins.Reminds me of Philly hockey in 1970, gutless..
  • Comment on Practice cancelled today (2011-03-11 20:24:39)

    Check out Gutless Chyra




    Chyra Suppose to be Mr NICE guy, rotten to the core..Chyra always trys to hit the little guys..