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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-03-11 11:56:53)

    Sooo..Zdeno Chara claims he did'nt know which players were on the ice prior to the hit heard round the NHL. Reeeally?! A D-man earning $7.5 mil. a year was'nt aware who he was defending against in the final 15 seconds of a period?! Reeeally!

    Clearly Chara takes us for a bunch of fools! As if fans of hockey don't know that when Ovechkin is on the ice, you don't want your third pairing of defencemen lined up against him. Top D-men are paid top dollars to play against the best players, as their ice time suggest. For Chara to assert otherwise is a complete an utter lie. I wonder if he will be as forthcoming when questioned by the police?