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  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-01 14:02:14)
    @habs4ever Sorry to offend you. Didn't know that being a fan meant you had to agree with every move. I love the Habs, but hate the coach and now I am starting to dislike the GM. I believe that Briere is better than Parenteau, and Gorges is better than Gilbert. I think we should have let Markov go, and have no problem with dumping Gorges to make room for youth, not to replace him with someone two years older and less talented Markov, once signed, should be moved to the right side so we dont have to load up with aging below like Gilbert, who will provide mush less than Weaver for more than double the money In my The team will be better with at least two of Beaulieu, Tinordi and Patteryn in the lineup. Gilbert was a bad signing. Hopefully we can unload Moen and his salary. We need more scoring! regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-01 13:48:01)
    Gorges was solid defensively, when he was on the ice the opponents rarely scored any goals (average one GA every 27 minutes). Gorges was also one of the better PK d-men in the league Tom Gilbert has never been very good defensively, and while he has scored more goals and assists than Gorges, he has never been all that effective on the PP. and no better than average on the PK. Malhotra is a good defensive player, but I was hoping that the habs were going to move away from icing a 4th line of defensive muggers and pluggers, toward some speed and scoring on the 4th line with players like Bournival, and Weise. Nothing wrong with a 4th line of Malhotra, Moen and Prust IF we have scoring from the top 9. Where are the goals going to come from, Jiri Sekac??? price will have to be as good or better than last year for this team to even make the playoffs. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-01 13:23:23)
    Team is spiralling downward , in my opinion. I understand letting Gorges go, to free up $4 million cap room and makes some space for the younger (more talented) d-men to play some significant minutes. Following that with signing Tom Gilbert, an over 30 year old defenseman with significantly less talent than talent than Gorges at $2.8 million a year, makes no sense at all. Gilbert is not nearly as good as Gorges, or even as good as Weaver, and having him in the lineup will take ice time away from Beaulieu, Tinordi, and or Patteryn. Parenteau will have the fans longing for Briere. Malhotra, is no better than Ryan White, who actually looked like he could play hockey for those two or three games when he was on a line with Weise and Bournival. Jiri Sekac, a 170 pound winger, scored 2, 4, and 11 goals in his last three season in KHL and Czech leagues. It looks like its going to be a long year. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Habs sign Weise to two-year contract (2014-06-17 16:04:22)
    There have been many comments that Markov SHOULD be re-signed, and one of the reasons is that he can be a good mentor to our young defensemen. The problem, as I see it, is that he will be unable to mentor young defenseman , if there is no room made for the young defenseman to crack the lineup. In another situation with another coach, it might work,however the historical record indicates that if Markov is signed he will play number 1 defenseman minutes and continue to be used in every critical situation regardless of his performance, Therrien has had two years to "break in" some excellent defence prospects, yet he only dresses them grudgingly and even when dressed they are not given the opportunity to play in "critical" situations. For the good of the future of this team, Markov should be allowed to walk regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Habs sign Weise to two-year contract (2014-06-17 15:57:54)
    @ bwoar ;; True I have not seen Booth play very often, I remember being impressed with him when he was with the panthers. what "conclusions" do you think I made, and what are you objecting to? that Torterella didn,t like him, or gave him very little PP time despite having others that were non productive? That the fact that he, like Weise, was mismanaged by Tortterella, and therefore his production is not indicative of his potential? Is there something about Booth that you are aware of from watching him play that does not show up in his performance metrics? or, are you just having a bad day? regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Habs sign Weise to two-year contract (2014-06-17 13:26:47)
    as UCE mentioned , now would be a great time to make a pitch for David Booth. Tortella did not like hi and he was used infrequently on the PP. (booth played 33 minutes on the PP and the Canucks scored 4 goals while he was on the ice: an avg of 8.2 MpPPGF. compare to other Canuck LWs: Booth: 33 mins- 4 team PPG scored, avg: 8.2 MpPPGF Higgins: 128 mins- 6 team PPG scored, avg: 21 MpPPGF D. Sedin: 260 mins- 26 team PPG scored, avg: 10 MpPPGF or to Mike Santorelli: 68 mins PP TOI only 1 Canuck Goal scored Booth was also very strong defensively (even strength) having been on for only 26 GA in 852 minutes an AVG of 33 MpGA compare to Higgins who averaged 19 MpGA and D. Sedin who averaged 27 MpGA Booth might go cheap as he only had 19 points but was a (+)1 compared to Higgins who had 39 points but was (-) 14 or D, Sedin who had 47 points and was (+/-) even Its amazing that Torts lasted the whole season. He makes Therrien"s ice time distribution look "Einstein-esque" regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Habs will face more pressure next season (2014-06-09 15:01:57)
    What to do with Markov? It would be nice for him and the club for Markov to finish his career as a Hab. I am sure that the contract length and Dollars can be agreed upon, the problem is that with Therrien as the coach having Markov is NOT helping our team. He has been overplayed during the last two regular seasons to the point that he has a negative impact in BOTH the regular season and especially in the playoffs. If there was some way that the coach can be forced to limit his playing to an absolute MAXIMUM of 20 minutes a game and an average of 17 - 18 minutes, And only be dress for 70 games per season I believe that Markov could be a positive asset. As he has been used the previous two years, and theres no reason to believe that his ice time will change as long as Therrien is the coach, the team would be better off to let him walk. If it was up to me, I would let MT walk and hang on to Markov. Here is the relative contribution to the offense of our defemsemen this playoff season: player / MpGF (minute of ice time per goal scored by team at even strength) Bouillon: 12 MpGF Beaulieu: 16 MpGF Weaver: 17 MpGF Subban: 21 MpGF Gorges: 21 MpGF Murray: 32 MpGF Emelin: 33 MpGF Markov: 37 MpGF It is incredible thjat we beat teh Bruins, and not surprising that we lost to the Rangers when the team only scores a goal every 37 minutes at even strength, when their 2nd most played defenseman (averaging 26 minutes of ice time per game) is on the ice. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Rangers fan Jimmy Fallon rubs it in a bit after winning bet with Habs (2014-06-04 12:14:58)
    its the coach, not the player , who determines when he goes out to play. The discussion here was about the playoffs and which centerman was better defensively; Plekanec was on for 16 goals against in 247 minutes of even strength ice time and DD was on for 6 GA in in 259 minutes of ice time. Perhaps DD should have been given more defensive zone starts ? WHy not look at Lars Eller, who also had a high percentage of defensive zone starts. he was on for only 10 goals against in 250 minutes compared to Plekanec 16 GA in 264 minutes. The fact is that Plekanec was NOT good defensively in the playoffs, and anyone watching the games should have recognized this, especially the coaching staff. the fact that he (Plekanec) continued to get so many defensive zone starts is just another example of bad ice time distribution. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Rangers fan Jimmy Fallon rubs it in a bit after winning bet with Habs (2014-06-04 11:42:32)
    @ OZMO - you wrote: Blinded by stats – if you think DD was our best defensive center. Do you track where they start their shift, as in, what zone they’re in for faceoffs? Who they’re matched up against? How can someone who puts sooo much time into this not see the obvious. Such a waste of time. *************************************************** Talk about not seeing the obvious: One player , Plekanec, is on for 16 goals even strength Against and the other Desharnais is on for 6 - both played roughly the same amount of minutes. Do you honestly believe that Plekanec was the better defensive centerman? It doesn"t matter where the shift starts, it matters where it ends. In this case too many of Plekanec's shifts ended with the puck in our net. Zone starts is an an indication of which player the coach BELIEVES to be his better defensive, and offensive, centerman. The fact that Plekanec was on ice for a goal against every 17 minutes while Desharnais was on for a goal against every 43 minutes is incontrovertible proof that , for this playoff run , DD was far and away MUCH better defensively than was Plekanec. Claiming otherwise is what is wasting time. Perhaps if the two were close, lets say Plek was on for 12 goal and DD for 10, you could drill down deeper into the stats and make an argument for Plek being better defensively. In this case the difference is so large that there can be NO argument about which player performed better from a defensive standpoint. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Rangers fan Jimmy Fallon rubs it in a bit after winning bet with Habs (2014-06-04 00:52:05)
    wasnt doing too much shutting down this playoff season, or last. heres how the centers performed defensively this playoff season: (even strength only) Plekanec -- 264 Mins - 16 GA - avg 17 MpGA Desharnais-- 259 Mins - 6 GA -- avg: 43 MpGA Eller--- 250 Mins 10 GA -- avg 25 MpGA Briere-- 128 Mins 6 GA --- avg 21 MpGA Plekanec, our so called shut down guy was significantly the least effective centerman on the team this playoff season, Much like last season he "crapped the bed" defensively in the playoffs. During the reg season Plekanec played 1205 minutes at even strength and 39 goals were allowed in that span , an excellent MpGA average of 31. For the second consecutive playoff season little Davey Desharnais was by far and away our best DEFENSIVE centerman. If my memory serves me well DD was on for only one GA versus Ottawa in last yersus series. Plekanec, I believe, was on for 11 GA ( 6 even strength and 5 short handed). regards, Steve O.