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  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Beaulieu provides a breath of fresh air on Habs’ blue line (2015-01-18 16:10:08)
    With 45 seconds left in the game I would NOT put Malhotra on the ice. I would prefer Eller, Galchenyuk, or even DD. By the way Crosby is ony 49% on faceoffs., So would Pittsburg trade him for Malhotra and his 60% w-l rate? FInally, if losing faceoffs in your own zome are so critical, why them does Therrien never use Malhotra to win faceoffs in the offensive zone? (especially when the team is behind?) regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Beaulieu provides a breath of fresh air on Habs’ blue line (2015-01-18 14:59:56)
    AS one who tends to criticize and question Therriens decisions , I am happy to say that Therrien was great last night. He left the 4 lines that started the game intact for the entire game , with the top 3 lines playing 12 minutes each at even strength and the 4th line (Malhotra's ) playing 8 minutes at even strength. Its nice to see what he team can do when they "roll" 4 lines. Its got to be easier for the players to know who they will be lined up with from one shift to the next. I believe the lineup can still be improved, by taking Malho out, and retrun Andrighetto to the active roster. Because the team got to an early lead,. Therrien was able to roll 4 lines, the problem with Malhotra being in the lineup is that when the game is tied , or teh Habs are trailing, Malhotra cannot be given a regular shift. Its also nice to see how the powerplay can produce with Plekanec playing center next to our best winger, Pacioretty, Also nice to see Sekac getting an opportunity (54 seconds) ,Would be nice to see Eller get a crack as well. DD , showed that he is a much better centerman than a winger, Gaqlchenyuk is good wherever he plays, I can only hope that sooner or later the team goes with their 4 best centers , 14, 81. 27. and 51 and rolls for lines on a regular basis. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Islanders vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski gets start as Price sidelined with upper-body injury (2015-01-17 16:36:27)
    @ maritime I appreciate your quote and I (kind of) understand your point. I try to add tstaas and data here becuase otherwise its just " He'S great. or he's terrible, or did you see the turnover" I truly believe that stats NEVER lie. If a guy is great, or lousy, the numbers will show it.. for example if winning faceoffs were so important, than Malhotra will have a better than average plus minus. If hhiw winning face offs do NOT lead to goals being scored and less goals allowed , who cares? I also refrain form ever posting about the so called "advanced stats" becuase I really don t believe on them. I agree that they can be useful to try and understand why the BASIC stats (goals scored and allowed) are the way they are but oin and of themselves they mean nothing. Hers an example; Line 1 control the puck in the other teams zone, gets 8 shots on net before scoring a goal. Line 2 gains the zone makes two passes and scores a goal on their first shot. Line one has great Corsi and Fenwick numbers but both have scored one goal. the bottom line isgoals for ans against. Thererien complains that only one line is producing, yet the numbers show thathre are over 10 line combination that have scored at a rate of better than one goal every 20 minutes of even strength ice time. Only two of those lines have played together for more than 36 minutes ( equivalent of 3 full games). I have no issue with juggling lines, my issue is when the juggling is done WITHOUT rhyme or reason. If a line is scoring more than they allow the coach should let them stay together for a while. Therrien changes combos in a helter skelter manner, and 5 of our "bets" 6 lines when it comes to plus/minus per 60 mnis of playing time have played together for less than 22 minutes (less than two games). So to summarize, he puts a line together, they do well in the first game they play, and they are broken up before the end of their second game together even though they have NOT allowed goals against. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Islanders vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski gets start as Price sidelined with upper-body injury (2015-01-17 15:46:32)
    Is that a fact? can you provide a source? did he say that he was moe comfortable on the wing than at center or that he was more comfortable on the wing them playing center between Prust and Parenteau, or between DD and Parenteau (where he has played the last two games)? Also didnt Bouque say he was more comfortable on RW but Therrien always played him on the left? Didn't Vanek perfer LW but always was played on the right side? Is the coach now taking requests, or is he trying to build the best possible line up? Is is perhaps DD who said he was more comfortable playing center? regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Islanders vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski gets start as Price sidelined with upper-body injury (2015-01-17 15:30:21)
    Here’s how the forward lines looked at Saturday’s morning skate: Pacioretty – Plekanec – Weise Galchenyuk – Desharnais – Gallagher Sekac – Eller – Thomas Bournival – Malhotra – Prust ******************************************************* So Galchenyuk at center experiment is over? lets analyze; 67 Pacioretty/27 Galchenyuk/ 11 Gallagher 135:57 TOI (even strength) 8 GF (+/-) +6 average 17 min per GF / 67 Pacioretty/51 Desharnais/11 Gallagher 113:46 TOI (even strength) 4 GF (+/-) + 3 average 28 mins per GF/ 27 Galchenyuk/14Plekanec/11 Gallagher 219:15 TOI (even strength) 9 GF ( +/-) -2 average (24 minutes per GF) Does it make sense to take Galchenyuk off the center position? The most bothersome thing about this move is that the only reason its being done is for some inexplicable crush that Therrien has with DD, and he just cannot stay with any lineup that does not include DD in the top 6 . I am not saying that DD should stay on the wing , he is NOT an NHL calibre winger. he IS an NHL calibre 3rd or 4th line centerman. It is getting to be that the only solution is for Bergevin to move Desharnais. I would prefer that DD stayed with the team as a center on of the bottom two lines such as : Pacioretty/Plekanec/ PAP Prust/Galchenyuk/Gallagher Sekac/ Eller/ Weise Bournival/DD/Andrighetto (or Thomas) by having 4 lines that can all play strong two-way hockey we will have a big advantage especially when we have 3 games in 4 four nights, as no one will need to be "over-played'. Galchenyuk PROVED that he can play center in the NHL, and I suspect that he was capable all along. just as Beaulieu has proven that he is deserving of a regular spot but was held back because Therrien thought that he was not ready. DD has proven that he is a good center, but NOT AS GOOD as Galchenyuk, or Plekanec, or even Eller for that matter. He (DD) is MUCH better than Malhotra,though, and that should be obvious to anyone. BY insisting on keeping Malhotra in the lineup we are holding the team back from improving. It not that complicated, in fact its kind of obvious. Its frustrating that the management and coaching staff just don't see it. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-16 09:57:37)
    Me thinks the i in team hiding in the a hole is none other than the coach. I hear him quoted as saying , repeatedly, "its unaceptable. only one line contributing" lets look at teh line syesterdaY; first line: 67/14/11 after a great first game where they doiminated at even strength AND on the Powerplay , last night they competed and got a few shots, crashed the net like it was game 7 on the finals, but come up empty at even strength and on the power play. They logged a total of 15:48 ice time as a unit inluding 4:50 of PP time; Line two from Wednesday was 51/81/22 : they played together for 5 shifts , 3:08 minutes in the first period were a minus one before being split up. (this is probably not going to be a line going forward and when Sekac replaced DD on the wing Ellers line got a few good scoring chances) line 3 from Wednsady night; 49/27/26 this line was put together in the latter half of Wedneday win and had some goood looking shifts together. last night they played two shifts together (1:38 minutes) in the first period before being disbanded line 4 from Wednesday 8/20/15 suffered a similar fate playing 1:08 and two shift together before being disbanded. the "new" line combos were 51 /27/15 playing together for 6:53 including 1;21 on the PP/ (this is quite a concoction.. Galchenyuk center and DD on the wing or is it DD playing center). & 8/81/26 played 2:43 seconds together (3 shifts) & 26/27/15 played 1:51 ( 2 shifts) & 26/81/22 played 1 : 38 (2 shifts) & 49/27/26 played 1:38 (2 shifts) & 8/20/22 played 1:35 (2 shifts) & 67/14/22 played 1:1:33 (2 shifts) & 49/51/15 played 1:14 49/20/8 played 1;12 49/81/26 played 1:11 So reviewing the coaches comment that we only had contribution form one line..... perjhaps its because there only was one line that played together long enough to know each names? It seems to e like the coach was so proud of himself for making "in game" adjustments in Wednesday nights game ( desoite the fact that it was pointed out by many that the adjustments were "no- brainers") that should have been made from he out set. that he now figures that he can "win" the games simply by virtue of his superior coaching and incredible line juggling, Last night the player who stood out the most 5 on 5 was Eller. Somehow the genius coach could only find 17 seconds of ice time for him on the PP. but manged to find 1:21 for DD. Instead of rolling4 lines pretty mush equally at even strength, he insists on using Malho. even though he knows that 5;48 of even strength play is about all he can afford to give him , thereby overusing the other players. Is it iany wonder the team looked sluggish when playing "shorthanded" on two consecutive nights with travel in between games? how many forwards played over 40 minutes combined on the two games, when rolling 4 lines could of had them all around 30 minutes? I find it to be the coaching is what is most unacceptable. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Senators preview: Tokarski gets start in goal (2015-01-15 14:23:19)
    The blunder was when we got our first few powerplays, he had DD back between patches and Gallagher, a line that just a short time ago was disbanded for lack of productivity. Playing a line that dominates 5 on 5, instead of one that flounders EVEN on the PP, could only be called "blundering into a situation" if the person doing it is an ignoramus. I would call it doing the obvious, and while better late than never, it leaves one wondering what exactly are the minimum IQ requirements for being a head coach in the NHL. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Senators preview: Tokarski gets start in goal (2015-01-15 14:11:33)
    Talk about poor usage of a player; Higgins has played 70 minute son the PP and the team has scored two goals in that span. it should not be a surprise because the previous year he played 1120 minutes with the man advantage and the team scored only 6 goals. year beofre that 33 minutes PP toi and teh team scored NO goals. He is like our Gallagher, very good 5 on 5 , but not an asset on the Powerplay. I remember him being very good when he was with the Habs on the penalty kill, and I am pretty sure that gallagher would be great that roll as well. Just did a quick look and Higgins has put up terrific numbers killing penalties the last three seasons. I am repeatedly shocked at how often the highly paid coaches in the NHL, with all their assistants, and advanced "stats" departments, continue to give special teams duties to certain players even when they don't produce. This is not rocket science, certainly not when it comes to special teams, you don't need Corsi, Fenwick or any fancy stats, you just have to keep track of who is on the ice when goals are scored. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Senators preview: Tokarski gets start in goal (2015-01-15 13:50:29)
    I would liek to see these lines tonite: Pacioretty/Plek/pARENTEAU Sekac/galch/Gallagher Prust/DD/Weise Bournival/Eller/Thomas(andrighetto) roll 4 lines, any line can start in any zone, and we wear down the other team with relentless speed , and forechecking. regards, Steve O.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Senators preview: Tokarski gets start in goal (2015-01-15 13:39:01)
    You make it sound as if without Malho we would never win another faceoff. When evaluating MAlho,s contribution please try to only consider the additional face off wins, for example for every 10 faceoff, MM gives , at most one additional face off win. Pleas also note that on most occasions it is actually the wingers who win, or lose , the faceoff, as the two centermen tie each other up. Also remember the faceoff to start the Columbus Powerplay that MM lost leading to the Blue Jackets second goal. In summary MM contributes NOTHING at all to the offense, he is our worst penalty killer at forward, the coaching staff can no tin good conscience play him more than 7 or 8 minutes a game. when he is on the ice the other team may score but we will almost certainly not. Is all that worth the extra one or two faceoff wins he provides? If you take the time to look at the data, you will see that faceoffs wins and losses have very little, if any, bearing on which team wins a game whether it s the Habs with Malho , or any other team. Its not as if he is a great "shut down" center who goes up against the other teams top line. At this stage of his career, unfortunately, Malho is as close to useless as a roster player can be in the NHL. The team would be better off if he never played and simply coached the other centers on the "art" of winning face offs. regards, Steve O.