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  • Comment on Heartbreaker! (2011-04-24 00:13:50)
    They both played well. I don't think you guys would have let Price back in the country if he gave up that bobble in his crease with Marchand there...haha. It was a drag out knock down game...I think the B's stepped it up but Lucic, Kaberle and the PP are still on my S*#* list. I'm not used to seeing OT wins by this team. I don't understand how the Bergeron trip wasn't a penalty shot either. Would have preferred that over a PP, honestly.
  • Comment on Heartbreaker! (2011-04-24 00:05:07)
    Lets see, now I'll go watch the Red Sox and then watch the Celtics on their way to #18. What other Canadian pro sports team are you going to watch when your Habs crap the bed for good? You seem a bit bitter and you couldn't be more wrong. Classless, maybe you should look in the mirror as it wasn't us who booed the National my friend are the definition of classless. And talk about losers...lets go call 911. I won't categorize Habs fans as one group like you just did about Bruins fans, as much as I can't stand your team. But you are an idiot. Now go back to your garage and hold the antenna on your t.v. You might miss more replays of our game winning goal!
  • Comment on Heartbreaker! (2011-04-23 23:54:01)
    YES!!!!!!! Bruins played a strong game. I know this is a Habs site, so I expect to hear some of the comments, but they did not outplay the B's tonight. It was pretty even and they just didn't get that bounce. Thomas is the MAN! We just need Lucic to get those cement skates off.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-22 11:16:50)
    Call 911...Ference only got 2500.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-22 09:54:00)
    True, but we are the better team, we just have to play our game and not get into a fast up and down game...if we dictate the pace, play physical we have the talent. When we do this Montreal starts running around in their own end. We just need guys to play to their ability, win the battles on the boards and finish with goals. 50 shots a night is nothing if it's all Chara or the points shooting from the bleachers. Need more traffic infront of Price too. Not happy with Kaberle although he was better last night, finding Ryder etc. But our PP is non-existent. This should not be 2-2 if we played to their ability, but we haven't, only in spurts. Not a fan of Julien either.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-22 09:25:54)
    AH HAHAHA....GO B'S!!! We played flat at times, not happy technically the way we played but showed a lot of heart and guts!..We crawled our way back and some of the other guys we needed to step up finally did (Ryder, Kelly) although I'm still waiting for Lucic to show up. We needed to steal a game and WE DID. Ole Ole Ole! Let's take it to them at home and move on!!