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  • Comment on Game 68: Halak’s Blues stop Habs’ win streak at 5 (2011-03-10 14:18:09)

    Lets consider the situation  regarding Chara one last time.

    First the score was 4-0.The Bruins were cleary and soundly beaten.There was only a few seconds left in the period.

    Paciority had just levelled a Boston Bruin with a clean check.

    Paciority and Chara have  a  well documented history

    The puck at the time of this incident was no where near the play.

    The video clearly establishes Chara using his arm to drive or at very least prevent Paciority the oppourtunity defend himself against the partition.Chara knew exactly where he was on the ice and took full advantage of the oppourtunity.

    Chara's responce that Pacioity jumped into the partition is ridiculus.His concern seemed less then genuine.

    This was in my mind a thoughtless intentional attempt to injure.

    The NHL should have considered  a minimum 20 game suspenion reduced to at least 10 games given Char's otherwise clean record.

    Enough said it is time to move on.