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  • Comment on Habs get day off after loss to Bruins (2014-03-13 23:35:47)
    I thought you were describing Georges until you said clear the crease.
  • Comment on Habs get day off after loss to Bruins (2014-03-13 17:46:50)
    I would go for that. They just need to break up the same failed combos.
  • Comment on Habs get day off after loss to Bruins (2014-03-13 13:49:45)
    In watching the game yesterday it seemed like a mess, and not sure exactly how to fix it. But the status quo is certainly not working. Eller looks to have 0 confidence and I think putting the EGG line back together and adding the pressure to score would not help his situation. He is still only 24 and is a inexpensive third line option. To try to mix things up and take some pressure to produce off of Eller, and Vanek likes to play left, Chucky played C/RW in Junior. I would give this a try: Pax, DD, Gally Vanek, Plex, Chucky Moen Eller Gionta (Shutdown line) Prust White Wiese
  • Comment on Habs acquire defenceman Weaver from Panthers; Price back on ice (2014-03-04 16:04:51)
    Hopefully Georges. He gets paid too much for his "skill" of blocking shots. I think Weaver is a rt handed upgrade to Georges and 1/4 of the cap. Emelin has potential and can hit if MT will let him coming back after the knee, I would give him a pass this year.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-04 09:43:09)
    It is all part of the MT meritocracy. PK, Emelin are judged too harshly when they makes mistakes. Georges gets a free pass. He was out of position on the Carter goal, yet people will blame Murray who was trying to cover two people on either side of the crease. If any one should be traded it is Georges. Other than blocking shots what does he bring to the table? Pairing him with PK just causes more issues because PK will take chances to make plays, which I have no problem with but Georges offers no help. PK and Emelin are trying to hard not to be over aggressive and no make mistakes which causes them to be passive and get beat. Let them play the game the way that made them successful in the first place.
  • Comment on Habs get day off Sunday to lick their wounds (2014-01-27 06:17:27)
    0 Puck possession leads to no offensive imagination. The Thierrien style is to just get rid of the puck and not try to score.
  • Comment on Habs get day off Sunday to lick their wounds (2014-01-27 06:06:07)
    Tanking will only work if there is a front office capable of building a team with those picks. For the Chicago and Pittsburghs that won with some high picks years in a row you have an Edmonton or NY Islanders who are still terrible. Its great to have stars but without the complementary pieces you still will not win. Right now the habs have good young players developing, but very little to complement that.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-25 10:38:19)
    Defense is a problem. Much of it has to do with the mt system. A team built with some speed and some talent is subjected to a system that negates both of those strengths. They put all 5 players deep in the d zone and try to block shots. When the d gets the puck te forwards are not available for an outlet so the d rings it around the boards to the points. When they finally get it out they dump it in and chase after it with undersized players. Work so hard to get the puck and then just dump it in and go get it again is stupid. You have it they should be treating to make plays with it. The system should be designed around the teams strengths. Mt tries to force the only the only system he knows on a team that is not suited to play it.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 41 – Canadiens blow 3-0 lead, lose 5-4 in OT (2013-12-31 22:41:26)
    42 shots against and 34 Blocked Shots: Seems like way too much time and chances in the D Zone. They are not a grinding team they need to attack to take the pressure off Price.
  • Comment on About … aw, forget last night. Merry Christmas! (2013-12-22 12:04:57)
    Agree they never should have changed it in the first place. Win 2 Tie 1 Loss 0. Also since unfortunately the shootout seems here to stay a points system would need to account for that idiocy. But the answer is simpler than 3 points for a win. Since the shootout has replaced the tie, assign the tie point to the winner of the shootout and the loser gets nothing. Win a Game = 2 Points Win a shootout = 1 point. Lose= 0 I think if a game goes to a shootout it should be actually worth less than winning a hockey game. Lets see how teams compete when then need points and cannot count on the loser point.