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  • Comment on Pacioretty speaks to TSN’s McKenzie (2011-03-10 00:20:21)

    Sorry to disagree with everyone here, but I agree that the NHL got this one right and it was NOT a dirty hit. Full disclosure, I'm from Boston. Also full disclosure, I could care less about the Bruins and/or Chara. I'm a sports fan and have been watching hockey since the late 60's/early 70's. I'm not some homer yahoo who's new to the sport.

    If Chara had just ridden him against the boards around the corner, it would have been nothing more than slight interference. Both guys were going for the puck, at pretty much full speed, and there's just no way Chara can know exactly where they both were and what would happen if he continued to ride Pacioretty as he did. If you're going to argue that, then you could argue that Pacioretty should have angled back inside to center ice instead of going for the puck along the boards...HE should have also known what could happen. I don't believe you can argue either way and that it was just a horrible accident in a very fast, very violent sport.

    Look, I have no agenda here, I really don't. I've watched it over and over on my dvr and I just don't see any malicious intent. We in Boston have seen the horrible injuries to Savard and Bergeron and trust me, if it WAS a dirty hit, even Bruins homers would be all over him for it. But this was not a dirty hit by any means. It was just a horrible injury that sometimes happens.