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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-06 08:02:19)
    How many psychologists do the Habs have on staff? It will take a whole bunch to get Subban's head straight. PK loses a lot of puck battles in the corner, has poor positioning defending opponents in front of the net, can't shoot anymore without faking the shot first (it's like a tick) and the number of brain farts per game is building. Look at last night alone: 1. Shot on his own net 2. How many unnecessary icings? How about the last one? 3. As Boone put it, what a forecheck on Chucky! I do not know how many levels he is below elite right now but he barely looks like a top 4 D-man right now. I think the impact on the team is bigger than one might like to believe. Habs really need a Douglas Murray who can skate.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Lifeless Canadiens drop third in a row (2014-11-04 23:16:54)
    What does benching do? They still get paid don't they and non-performance clauses don't exist in any NHL contract. Do you believe an NHL player cares as much as you do?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Lifeless Canadiens drop third in a row (2014-11-04 22:18:19)
    Last or close to it in so many statistical areas (not advanced stats) and MT.... "we┬┤re not panicking". That is a problem when most of the commentariat could see the obvious while the coaching staff is looking through rose-colored spectacles.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Lifeless Canadiens drop third in a row (2014-11-04 21:20:52)
    Best D-man in the league! Only ever needs one hand on his stick....
  • Comment on Liveblog: Lifeless Canadiens drop third in a row (2014-11-04 21:17:50)
    Babcock had a lot more vision than anyone in the Habs circle when it came to Subban..... So far this year PK spells disaster.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-31 10:14:00)
    You forgot the interference on Manny in OT. Watched it in slow motion several times.... another non-call.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-31 10:09:19)
    Frustrating game in Vancouver. Don't think they played poorly, came out skating hard in the 1st period but: 1) How does Moen draw in over Bournival or Skekac? 2) With the exception of a few players, HABS are SOFT. You know it is bad when you get pushed around by Vancouver! This will be a big issue this year if not fixed because the officiating is inept. 3) Perimeter PP will not work, should be obvious by now. Happy with the team and the record but I believe they have the potential to be a lot better. There should be no talk about over-achieving this year. Go Habs Go
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-14 08:46:12)
    First post of the new season. Team is bigger but not playing like it, they get out-muscled for the puck more often than not. Gally and DD are tougher on the puck than most others! Finally, defense coach must teach PK to go back for the puck with 2 hands on his stick... how basic can you get but crap like that is constant and just leads to not winning puck battles.
  • Comment on Preseason Game 2: Galchenyuk hero in OT as Canadiens down Avs (2014-09-26 11:23:47)
    Agree, worked out very well in fact but after a serious amount of unrest from poster for pretty much the whole season..... and mostly with just cause. I would love to see this team come right out of the blocks playing mostly to their potential without too many stinkers.... those hurt. I don't know if many teams can afford to have a season like LA and get to the finals with lot's left in the tank.
  • Comment on Preseason Game 2: Galchenyuk hero in OT as Canadiens down Avs (2014-09-26 11:04:56)
    First post in long time but I have been reading. Lot's of optimism in the air. Habs look deep and talented. Wish I could have seen the game here in Colombia. Do not want to rain on the party but all the comments remind me about last year at this time.... right down to the DD posts this week! It is really early, only hope the team keeps us in this mood most of the season, so for now..... GO HABS GO!