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  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 5 – Canadiens win wild one to stay alive (2014-05-27 23:45:55)
    Of all the comments you could come up with, this is your best effort? What a low-life.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-23 10:15:16)
    If I'm around I'll always PVR the game and start watching it about an hour after the start so I can fast forward through all the filler and ads. I had stuck with this team up until the Chicago game when I PVR'd it but fast forwarded through the game action and watched the ads and filler which was more entertaining. Last night, for the first time, I didn't even bother to PVR the game at all. That was a great decision obviously. This team is done. Some good players have thrown in the towel, some marginal players try hard and worst of all, our so-called "best players" are turning into our worst players night after night (Cammalleri, Gionta, Gomez et al). Yes, injuries have played a part but that's just when the other guys are supposed to step up. But just how much can a plugger like Darche do? Desharnais is a workhorse (actually more like a pony) but he's too small and being asked to do to much. Cole has been a positive surprise and looks like he'd do just about anything to win ... the only guy right now with that attitude. How long before he packs it in too? To all those diehards who say stick with the team through thick and thin, I say we've reached the point when pulling the plug only makes sense. All we've got to look forward to is another rebuild. I've been a fan for 50 years and I've seen worse assemblages talent wise but I've never seen such incoherent play and such a lack of heart. This bunch is pathetic and an embarrassment to the uniform. I'll check in here to see what they're up to from time to time, but I'm not going to waste my time watching this team again until they can compete ... I don't expect wins every night but how about at least being competitive?
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 14:37:50)
    What a strange move to make! If anyone thinks that Kaberle is going to kick start the Habs anemic power play, you've been into the wacky weed. I never liked him as a Leaf, thought he was out of his league as a Bruin and figured he'd bottomed out in Carolina. But no, he's got one more rung to go down before he really hits bottom and that's with the Habs. There's not that much wrong with our defensive corps ... it's the inept coaching that can't figure out a way to get the power play on track. And why are we picking up more bloated salaries? Ah, I guess the rush to a high draft pick has just been signalled. The team will stand pat with the GM and Coach and we'll gradually sink out of sight as the rest of the year unfolds. Good grief, what a thoroughly disappointing week this has been. I surrender. I pay for RDS here so I can watch all the Habs games. Nothing worth watching. Will cancel RDS and pick up whatever CBC decides to show (with the sound off). Kaberle ... what a joke.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another shootout L (2011-12-08 14:31:50)
    No more retreads. Time for some new blood. Benoit Brunet for coach.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another shootout L (2011-12-08 14:29:18)
    How about P J Stock? He's bilingual ... speaks a wonderfully musical style of French (head banger heavy metal style that is). He's a brilliant hockey strategist too (General Custer style strategy). And he's a national celebrity (Battle of the Blades). At least that would get him off the HNIC and l'Antichambre and we wouldn't have to listen to him anymore.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another shootout L (2011-12-08 14:16:08)
    I like it ... Boone for coach! Oh wait a minute; aside from a few swear words, il n'est pas vraiment bilingue--c*lis. Maybe he could pair up with that babe from RDS he likes and they could be the two-headed monster coach. That would cover the French angle, give us 1.2 great hockey minds for coach as well as something better to look at behind the bench than Jack Martin (the babe, not Boone). Er at least us guys. The gals would have to be satisfied with (by??) Boone.
  • Comment on Canadiens back on the ice (2011-12-05 10:11:02)
    Thank you. I sometimes despair at the commentariat's lack of perspective. But, every now and then there is a diamond in the rough such as this that keeps me scrolling down. Well thought out, well written, great comment. Bravo!
  • Comment on First Shootout of the season. and another L (2011-10-15 20:18:40)
    In this context a "manque de justesse" would mean a lack of precision or an inaccurate shot.
  • Comment on First Shootout of the season. and another L (2011-10-15 19:09:12)
    Once again you prove my point ... keep it up, you just keep digging yourself in deeper. Maybe you might want to move on. You're only looking more and more foolish. And I have an education, thank you very much. Apparently you attended classes but not much stuck.
  • Comment on First Shootout of the season. and another L (2011-10-15 19:00:43)
    Clearly there's no point in talking to you. And I just noticed that the moderator took your comment down. Doesn't that tell you something? And your best rejoinder is to call me stupid? You are one sorry case ... again, why don't you try to use your head before you post?