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  • Comment on Pens on ropes after gong show in Philly; Canucks on brink (2012-04-16 14:47:19)
    lolol munch
  • Comment on Flyers bury Penguins in one for the ages (2012-04-14 13:06:17)
    Offer our 1st round pick and Emelin's rights to Nashville if they have ANY trouble signing Shea Weber. Given that Nashville has traded negotiating rights for players on a number of occasions, it seems like they get their negotiations done early. Unlikely but i can dream right? Still, makes more sense than that ludicrous article from R. Cloutier (Thanks for posting that btw). Talk about over-valuing Yakupov...
  • Comment on Flyers bury Penguins in one for the ages (2012-04-14 12:30:00)
  • Comment on Canadiens should get a good one at three (2012-04-11 09:47:18)
    I can't believe how many people are floating ridiculous trades involving PK. Thats some Eklund foolishness right there. PK had a sick season given where he was last year. People who say Ryan White is garbage don't know what they are talking about. And Edmonton has absolutely no reason to draft Nail, they need D desperately.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens will draft third (2012-04-10 20:13:47)
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens will draft third (2012-04-10 20:11:02)
    Forsberg or Galchenyuk?? Havn't had a great swede on the habs since Naslund. Except for Sundstrom....
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens will draft third (2012-04-10 20:02:38)
    Montreal should trade up to have a second 1st round pick
  • Comment on About this season … (2012-04-09 00:49:01)
    Just to point out... Boston won with Krejci and Bergeron down the middle, and Chicago was a sick all around team when they won, and didn't have that 1 big centre either. Philly now has Briere and Giroux and look way better than they used to; And who could forget Detroit?? All these teams have either won cups or come close without the elusive 'big centre' (Philly's did have Carter in their run, but it didn't help did it)? These teams all had big, skilled, often mean-ass wingers who could make space for their centres, and they all had really good chemistry and played with each other consistently. Draft Galchenyuk or Grigorenko or Forsberg, and they can all move to the wing if necessary. But don't rush to trade DD or Plex or Eller. That would be foolish.
  • Comment on About this season … (2012-04-09 00:06:07)
    All the young players on the team have said great things about Gomez's willingness to help them learn and improve their games. Scotty Bowman once said 'If he's great in the room, he can stay there' and that can be true, but management should make a strong effort to move him to a team looking to hit the cap floor or at least buy him out if we get an amnesty in the new CBA before they look at shipping him off to the farm. He's a lot more mouthy than Redden so there is that to consider. Word gets around - if he's liked in the room, put in effort to contribute off the ice, and then gets dragged through the dirt - forget about UFA's wanting to come, why would any of our current roster want to stick around if they feel management would treat them like garbage? Regardless of his despicable contract, and his seemingly smarmy attitude, the Habs already look like a classless organization given how they've treated Cunneyworth, the mid-game trades, pre-game firings, lack of talent recognition (front office and ice)... They have some SERIOUS PR work to do. I'm not saying keep him AT ALL - but there needs to be some work put in to try and get rid of him in a classy way.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Canadiens end season with win over Leafs (2012-04-08 01:17:52)
    Sweet thanks