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  • Comment on “Mike”: The Sequel? (2012-06-02 17:48:44)
    I don't understand the negative comments about Michel Therrien. Therrien is at this time the best possible candidate among the 3 mentioned. He fills all of the criteria they're looking for: he has experience (crucial in MTL), he's worked with young players at every level and made them better, he's 'passionate' in the mould of Quenneville, he exudes authority (vs. JMartin & RCunneyworth who didn't, or couldn't), he's won at every level and he can speak the language of the people. Since he left Montreal, he went down to the minors and won big, and then took the worst team in the league and headed up the 4th best turnaround in the history of the league to have them make the playoffs, then go on to the Cup final the next year It bears reminding that went he took over MTL, THEY were the worst team in the league and he took them to the playoffs the following season, with a roster full of shrimps and has-beens. He's made the playoffs in every full season he's coached - the only 2 he didn't make them, he had taken over the teams in mid-season....the aforementioned worst teams in the league in those years. By comparison, hiring Crawford would be a disaster; he barely speaks French (immersion won't cut it in this town) and has missed the playoffs EVERY year since the lockout. The guy has not adjusted to the new game. Also, the Moore Bertuzzi lawsuit is not yet final. This could easily detract from his job; it would also become a media circus in MTL when the trial was going on. No need for this. We had enough of thisn type of a circus last year. Roy wants too much power, and would be a one-man show. it would also worry me he has no experience coaching men (vs. boys in junior); you're not going to intimidate NHL players on a regular basis. The risk is also there he might on occasion go off the reservation and throw his GM under the bus in the media. Therrien, with Carbonneau as an assistant, would be a great match, and the prefect hires. They've worked together before, and Carbonneau could cool Therrien down when needed, and act as the good cop for the players. I could also see Robinson as the third assistant, coaching the D. Finally, Bergevin and Therrien know each other quite well - this is a plus. Having coached in MTL before is a PLUS, not a bad thing. he understands the environment, and knows what he's getting into. If this comes to pass, I'll be happy.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-03-27 22:20:47)
    I've been thinking about this one for a while. Gomez sux in his own end (team worst -16, by 10! over Subban), and can't win a faceoff to save himself. He won't come back to help out his D, and won't fight to get the puck back. We have 3 more effective centres at this point in Plekanec, Desharnais and Eller. Why don't we make Gomez a LW? His defensive atrocities would be minimized, and he won't play any different offensively. He'll still grab the puck, skate down the left side, and then either circle at the blueline or skate himself into bad ice behind the net, try a desperation pass into the slot, and lose the puck. With Pacioretty out, we could move Gomez there, and have Halpern go back to the role he's suited for as 4th line C. The lines could be Cammalleri-Plekanec-Kostitsyn Gomez-Eller-Gionta Pouliot-Desharnais-White Moen-Halpern-Darche The trade makes me sicker and sicker each day, seeing how McDonagh is now a 20+minute defenseman for the Rangers. Let's trade a potential top 4 defenseman who can skate, is big and takes care of his own end, for a declining one-dimensional, $7 million cap figure who stopped caring the minute he signed the deal. This is what's known as mailing yourself a letter bomb.
  • Comment on Hands up, everyone who’s surprised (2011-03-09 19:01:47)

    Disgusting hit, and a kangaroo court meting out justice.

    Tanner Glass, Vancouver Canucks: " "I thought it was a dirty play. I thought he knew exactly what he was doing. It's unfortunate that a player got hurt that way. I think if you poll 700 NHL players, a good majority are going to say he knows exactly what he was doing and he knows the turnbuckle's there."


    Brooks Laich, Washington Capitals: “It’s not a fine line. You’re talking about the 700 best players in the world playing this game. They’ve played it for 20 some years and finished thousands of checks. You know when a player is vulnerable. Your instincts at this level are that good.”