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  • Comment on Hands up, everyone who’s surprised (2011-03-09 16:53:36)

    If Max-Pac is not able to pursue his very promising career, I hope he sues Chara and the league for lost wages as well as other damages. The league refuses to police their own players so our legal system should hold them jointly and severally responsible.

    I have been a hockey fan for over 50 years and I can't remember a time I have felt so sick inside since Lou Fontinato broke his neck playing for the Habs. Campbell and Murphy obviously didn't see the same hit that I did. In the one I saw, Chara was pushing Pacioretty forward to increase the speed at which he hit the stanchion while guiding him with his hands to make sure there was nothing Max could do to avoid hitting it. And this is what Murphy calls unintentional?! This is just another hockey play, right Colin?

    I call it criminal.

    And I call what Murphy did, equally so.