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  • Comment on Carey Price will start in Buffalo; Habs’ power play gets a new look (2014-11-27 17:31:53)
    I don't always comment, but when I do it's to point out how people always seem to miss the most obvious of sarcastic posts.
  • Comment on Clearing up the Habs’ TV picture (2014-09-04 13:55:51)
    Damn. Super complicated for you guys outside Quebec. I'm not often glad I live here, but when it comes to watching Habs games I sure am.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-16 17:11:03)
    I assume you're coming in on the 20 heading to downtown. If so, there's an exit called Atwater. You get off there and take your first available left, you'll see Lionel Groulx on your right side shortly thereafter.
  • Comment on Nilan insists Boston mobster didn’t get his Stanley Cup ring (2013-08-13 16:39:04)
    but one can continue to dream... from the article: In the SovSport interview, Vladimir Malkin added that Evgeni told him, "if there was ever the case where I have to leave the Penguins, I would rather choose the New York Rangers or the Montreal Canadiens."
  • Comment on Rimouski defenceman Morin could be a good fit for Habs at draft (2013-05-23 12:39:10)
    Hypocrites Inside/Out? Some of you guys have it right and have been consistent: if the hit on Eller was a problem, then the hit by Thrower is a problem. Some of you other guys though... I'd say that 10 years ago those were both just hockey hits, now it's different. Both hits are illegal. If you want to argue that point, you need to realize that the hit on Eller was also legit. You can't absolve one and then crucify another. Both hits are to the head.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 4 – Canadiens blow 2-0 lead, lose in OT (2013-05-07 23:26:50)
    Now that I've taken some time to calm down, I'll just say the following few things... 1) Reffing was bad. I still don't think the first goal was good. I can sort of understand why they would allow it, but it is still EXTREMELY questionable. If I had the time and knew where to look, I would like to see if that type of goal is regularly allowed or disallowed. That said... 2) They invited disaster upon themselves by playing too defensively in the third. They stopped pushing and started chasing. All game long they had trouble clearing the zone, and it caught up with them in the end. 3) People on here clamoring for us to trade Pacioretty... I don't understand how short your memories are. He's had 3 very good to excellent seasons for us now. Has he been up to potential in this series? No, but he is apparently hurt. Also, bare in mind that with what we now know about Desharnais, Max was carrying him and now is being held back by him. He needs to go to the net and use his body, but he's not done. He's clearly very capable of scoring 30 goals a season for years to come and I don't see how you could want to ditch that. 4) I guess some of you will get your wish and see what Budaj is capable of... I don't expect it to go to game 6. Not that I hate him and love Carey, but the team is just too beat up and tired for either of them to be able to make a difference. You'd need a Plante/Dryden/Roy hybrid to steal this series.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 4 – Canadiens blow 2-0 lead, lose in OT (2013-05-07 16:13:29)
    The habs need to realize that they can't be retaliating against Neal or looking for payback from Gryba. If the sens hit Gallagher, the habs need to turn around and hit Alfredsson. If they hit Subban, we hit Karlsson. If they hit Markov, we hit Gonchar... so on and so forth. Neal goes out on the ice, it's Therriens job to get the fourth line out there. Neal leaves the ice, Therrien needs to send out the skilled guys. It's called matchups, and on sunday night we didn't get any of them. Therrien got out-coached.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-06 15:23:08)
    Marc Antoine Godin ‏@MAGodin 33m Therrien: "Desharnais est très conscient qu'il doit contribuer davantage aux succès de l'équipe."
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-06 14:55:53)
    Marc Antoine Godin ‏@MAGodin 2m Reporter: Should Budaj get a shot ? Therrien: Are you serious? So everyone, please stop discussing it.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win 3-1, tie series (2013-05-03 12:02:31)
    Fun times here. Everybody either panicking or hating. Price needs to be better, yes. 3 of those 4 goals were stoppable. Can he bounce back? 2011 playoffs: .934%, 2011 season: .923%, 2012 season: .916%. I think he can bounce back. Let's also remember he played very well in the first two periods despite the first goal being stoppable. That said, when you take 50 shots and the other goalie stops 48 of them, clearly there is something else at work besides your goalie letting you down. The shots we took were low percentage. The initial shots weren't going to go in because they came from the perimeter, so what we need to look at it is the rebounds. Plenty of them popped out in the slot or far side of the net where easy goals could be scored but we didn't collect a single one of the rebounds. Last night was a percentage game, and we wound up on the wrong end of the percentages. If the two teams play that way again, we win the game. If Carey saves the perimeter shots that wound up going in (goals 2 and 4), we win the game. I'm confident we leave town 1-1.