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  • Comment on Audio from Tuesday practice (2012-01-17 16:42:49)
    PASS ____________________ F.A.
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    FAIL ____________________ F.A.
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    AVATAR TEST ____________________ F.A.
  • Comment on Long night on the Island (2011-11-18 10:13:38)
    If you only play Emelin half the games and he plays like he did against Carolina every time he suits up, I'll take it. I hope JM makes him watch the footage from both games so he can see what made him effective against Carolina and what hurt him against New York. Then he sits against the Blueshirts, gets two solid practices and comes back in time to rock Marchand or Seguin on Monday night, refreshed. ____________________ F.A.
  • Comment on Long night on the Island (2011-11-18 10:07:58)
    Hey!!! You leave those cheerleaders out of it, ok? Hell, for the majority of nights under the JM era, they have been by far the most entertaining product on display at the Bell. To ruin that with Gomez's nasty ass, no thanks. ____________________ F.A.
  • Comment on Some views of a big W (2011-11-17 10:16:46)
    I was really disappointed they only signed him to 1-yr. And my biggest problem with this organization's management is their systematic refusal to negotiate during the season. I hope they break that trend this year with some big FA's coming up. Would you offer Gorges 4 yrs - 13.5 mil? I would. Not sure he'd accept though... I'd be shocked if the organization let that guy walk...I feel like he's our heart and soul. ____________________ F.A.
  • Comment on Some views of a big W (2011-11-17 10:09:14)
    I don't think Diaz is as important an asset as Emelin. That being said, I think they wanted to protect their asset, realizing that confidence is fragile. Nor do I think language has anything to do with understanding how to watch a game of hockey from the press box. But, even if you are sitting, you are still practicing, travelling, eating, hell, even sleeping with your teammates. All the while he has spent over a month learning how to communicate better, while his teammates have also been able to get a better feel of what he is about. Maybe, they are showing Diaz, hoping to package him in a trade, IF our D ever get healthy. Though, I believe they will send him down to Hamilton when, and if, Markov and Campoli are both healthy. ____________________ F.A.
  • Comment on Some views of a big W (2011-11-17 10:04:36)
    Gorges, without a doubt. ____________________ F.A.
  • Comment on Some views of a big W (2011-11-17 09:58:56)
    Ok some thoughts. I might come under fire for this, but I really like the way this team has treated the Emelin situation. While many have been complaining about benching him, I think it was a very smart move. Management realized that in order for Emelin to give his best on the ice, he first needed to acclimatize himself to a strange country. If they had merely thrown him head first into the Bell Centre fire, before he had developed relationships with his coach and teammates, or learned the language, management would have been setting the kid up to fail. This, to me, shows that they have learned something from the whole O'byrne fiasco, and realized that the best way to develop a young defensive talent, such as Emelin, is to ease his transition into the NHL. Also, this allowed them to give Diaz the first 20 or so starts, gain his confidence, and know that he has a spot on this team. This way, if we ever have a defence corps that is healthy, and he gets sent down to Hamilton, he will have a fire lit under him knowing that he can be effective at the NHL level. ____________________ F.A.
  • Comment on Game 9: Canadiens snap losing streak (2011-10-26 13:27:29)
    Never thought I'd say this but I wouldn't mind seeing Weber in Palushaj's fourth line winger role, and Emelin in Weber's D-Man role...just some food for thought... Weber's shot has looked quite nice on our powerplay (which, knowing Philly, might see lots of ice time tonight). ____________________ F.A.