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  • Comment on Big W (2011-03-08 17:23:33)

    "You Sir, are out of your mind. What you're suggesting the Habs do is exactly what the Bs want the most."

    Yes, he's out of his mind, but not because it's what the B's want most. White will get DESTROYED by almost any of the tough B's. And Mara - are you serious?


  • Comment on Big W (2011-03-08 17:00:11)
    A Montreal Canadian's fan lie sounds like this: "We don't need to goon things up to win hockey games". 
    If they're players, like this: "Revenge is winning" - Hal Gill.
    Perhaps the only honest Hab, was Chris Nilan, commenting on the Boston/Montreal fiasco: "It was despicable. Hall Gill should be ashamed... embarrassed. It's sickening".


  • Comment on Big W (2011-03-08 17:06:58)

    Cute, but like Nilan, I'm a Montreal fan. I'm just sick of all the pansy commentators trying to justify, what might have been, the most embarassing moment in Les Habs history.