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  • Comment on Therrien shuffles lines; Budaj will face Sabres with new contract (2013-04-11 13:28:26)
    Hello I have been a long time reader and have never bothered to write but I think some of these arguments are just horrible. I expect these things from Leaf fans(especially from Woodbridge). So many arguments are based on today rather than the whole picture. In the case of DD Vs. Eller. Therien is playing them where he sees them doing their best and how to help the team best. I think Eller will be a much more important player to the Habs than DD will be but for now he is needed in more of a two way role. Eller is only 23 and is just coming in to his own. For those who think we got the shaft in that trade just like at where Halak is now, he is not a dominant starter and is being surplanted by a rookie. Eller just keeps getting better and still is very young and will get better. While Price has played very well and is also very young and getting better. Price has the ability to play 70 games a year where as Halak doesn't seem to have it. So to have Price grow and getting Eller is better than having traded Price when his stock was lower than Halak, we would have gotten even less at that point. I think Therien and MB have earned the right to not be second guessed by arm chair coaches. Even if they don't go far in the playoffs this year it will still be great experience for the young kids who are only getting better. This team has a lot of potential at all positions. Price is going to keep getting better. Subban, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Emelin are going to be a strong defense. Max Pac, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Eller are all looking strong and all very young still, plus Kristo and other prospects they have make this a strong team for years to come. They only have a couple of positions to upgrade which can happen in the summer without giving up on the future of this team. Also you can't say that the Kings of last year are better than the Habs of this year so yes we still have a shot at the cup.