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  • Comment on Game 66: Canadiens win to grab East lead (2008-03-02 03:46:56)
    Well said!
  • Comment on Game 66: Canadiens win to grab East lead (2008-03-01 21:58:57)
    Amazing sequence at the end by Lapierre, Streit, Smolinski at the end of the game to keep the puck in their end! Just wow =)
  • Comment on Game 65: Canadiens move ahead of Sens (2008-02-29 23:21:29)
    They're using the real spelling of their names which is Kastsitsyn. Sergei's name in his country is Siarhei. To be honest, all media should report their names as the Canadiens publicize them.
  • Comment on Hip, hip, Huet: shutout in Caps debut (2008-02-29 23:15:09)
    Thank You Cristobal! Now to beat NJ tomorrow and leapfrog into 1st!
  • Comment on Game 65: Canadiens move ahead of Sens (2008-02-29 23:12:31)
    I had a lot of fun watching the game tonight. It is an absolute pleasure to watch the Plekanec line in action... A few missed opportunities once again for Higgins and Koivu but I think their line is going to come alive down the stretch. I can't wait for tomorrow's game against NJ! We can thank Huet for giving us an opportunity to leapfrog NJ tomorrow night ;) Anybody else notice the spiffy moves Grabovski can pull? He's showing signs of dazzle and flash and it's going to be really fun to watch him blossom over the next couple of years! As for's report on the Leafs courting Gainey... LOL... I think it would be the end of the world as I know it if Gainey ever went to TO and I realize this is a business but come on lol! Darren Dredger is so funny in a non-haha kind of way. Finally, the Kostitsyn brothers' name is also spelled Kastsitsyn on You'd think that the media would adjust to how the Canadiens officially publicize their name..
  • Comment on Cristobal Huet on becoming a Capital (2008-02-29 23:05:40)
    Huet was a good asset during his tenure, however, I do believe it was time for him to move on. While he was really good for us over the 3 years he was here, his play lately left a lot to be desired and a lack of consistency was the determining factor in deciding to trade him now instead of going with him down the stretch. As for handing over the responsibility to Price, I think he'll prove a lot of the doubters wrong. Everywhere he's played, he's strived under pressure and he's dealt with the stress of being thrust into very chaotic situations exceptionally well and I have no reason to believe this will be any different. Sure he has had a few bad games but the same can be said of Huet. That's not to say that I think Price will be invincible but I think he'll do the job. Back to Huet, he's a great guy and I wish him the absolute best and I can't wait for the Caps to come back to Montreal and hear the fans here cheer him on. I just listened to his interview on CapsTV and the questions the reporters were asking him were very bland I thought...