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Hockey Morning (sunday!) in Korea

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  • Comment on Three leads blown (2011-04-21 21:54:36)
    Moen will get the winner Hockey Morning in Korea
  • Comment on Habs opt for rest, Auld vs. Theo Sunday (2011-03-19 20:16:54)
    Ur avatar is awesome
  • Comment on Gravatar instructions (2011-03-19 20:08:58)
    Regular visitor/reader, but don't often post....expect for links to watch games online. Anyways, was sad to hear that HI/O had to drop the 'Habs in favour of Hockey....I like to learn more about why this happened beyond 'at the request of the Canadiens'.....but his new website interface is much more dissapointing. Had I known the online survey I completed for HI/O last year would lead to this, I would have skipped it. Hope my initial dislike wears off over the next couple of days
  • Comment on Shootout! (2011-01-22 20:42:50)

    anyone have an ONLINE LINK to the game.

    JUSTIN.TV does NOT work for me and ATDE.NET is only linked to JUSTIN.TV


    Hockey Morning (sunday!) in Korea

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-09 08:17:16)


    oops....I mean second!

    Hockey Morning (sunday!) in Korea

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-09 08:15:24)

    First! (By virtue of being 10 pm Sunday night in Korea I'm sure).

    Was able to watch the entire game and was of course really happy with the outcome. 

    For the most part, however, wasn't very impressed with the first 57.  Though the team didn't give up much in the way of scoring chances, it felt like eons between Hab scoring opportunities - always felt like a quick out after every dump in.

    Would love to see an improvement on the 6th D pairing as Picard seems to becoming a serious liability out there - I'm sure most could live with it if knocked the other team aournd, but that certainly is not an element of his game that will ever develop.  Kind of wish we still had Mara (and really wish we still had OB) for that.

    Nevertheless, a win is a win, so all is great until Tuesday night!

    P.S. Any chance Chara being suspended for his crap at the end of the game?

    P.S.S. AK plus what? to get Penner from the Oilers? 

    Hockey Morning (sunday!) in Korea

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-12-19 23:54:06)

    Penner for Ak, mid-level prospect, 3rd round pick and the kitchen sink?

    Hockey Morning (sunday!) in Korea

  • Comment on They never quit (2010-12-19 22:38:29)


    Silly mistakes are starting to cost the Habs points...mistakes by the team in general.

    Do we need another D to pair with Subban? I don't know.  Subban didn't play well, but he has to keep playing in order to learn. 

    I don't get to watch games as often as I would like, so maybe this was just a bad night but I wasn't impressed by Picard.  Price should have stopped that 2nd goal, but the pass Picard tried to make when he had all that open ice in front was very bad.

    Anyways, the Habs went after it in the 3rd so if they keep that kind of effort up they'll win some games on the road trip.


    (sunday!) in Korea

  • Comment on They never quit (2010-12-19 22:21:06)

    Here's the game

    Hockey Morning (sunday!) in Korea

  • Comment on They never quit (2010-12-19 20:30:41)

    very nice goal


    Hockey Morning (sunday!) in Korea