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  • Comment on Liveblog: Anyone expect that? (2012-01-25 22:20:57)
    You don't get games like that against Detroit to often. That was great. And though it still early after 5 games each Cammalleri 1 Goal minus 4 and Bourque 2 goals 1 assist and plus 1. He isn't perfect but he goes to the net and gives more than Cami.
  • Comment on P.K. called to order at practice (2012-01-25 02:28:22)
    Da Hema being ignorant or ill informed isn't exclusive to one country or people. I'm a Canadian living in the US. There are plenty of good people here. There are also plenty of idiots. The same is true back home and everywhere else. The political machines down here do their best to confuse and scare people into voting this way or that. Many people don't vote because they don't like any of the choices and don't think it will make a difference. I don't agree with them. But having seen some of the choices I do understand. As far as Thomas is concerned... it's a free country. Do I agree with turning it into a political statement? No but it's his right.
  • Comment on Last chance to send greetings to Pocket (2008-02-28 17:18:00)
    Bonne Fete Henri. Merci pour tout les bonne memoire.