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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-02-28 01:09:30)
    Therrien is okay, but I believe he is merely a caretaker coach, with a more cerebral coach like Carbo poised to take over (a la Bylsma) once the pieces are in place to make a Cup run. if not Carbo, then maybe Hayley Wickenheiser? That'd be something! I actually think she'd be awesome as the first woman NHL coach. Do it, Bergevin!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-02-28 01:00:53)
    I know exactly what you mean, watching PK carry the puck to the blue line. First time (where he coughed-up the puck to Sutter), he was rushing to avoid the off-side and that was how come it became a mis-play, with Sutter seeing the opportunity to pick Subban's pocket. The post-Olympics adjustment continues. I hate to see the lack of teamwork the Habs continue to display, and I wish they could bond as a unit as well as in the Martin days. I fear there are cliques running around right now. Gionta on the last year of his contract makes him a bit of a lame-duck captain. I hope Bergevin is aware of that, and has a plan.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-02-28 00:27:54)
    I think Eller was being showcased for a possible trade. I can't see much hockey smarts in him, but Fleury was so beatable tonight, maybe they thought Eller might impress a scout or two? As for PK, back to back games on top of the jet-lag is probably all the explanation one should seek. Seems like the long season is taking a bit of the edge off his game this year. Hope Price is better soon.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 19 – Canadiens rally late but lose 2-1 in Shootout; Price makes 44 saves (2013-11-12 23:55:21)
    One thing about this game: Brière at centre - on his first game back after an injury - was much better than Brière on a wing, and nobody missed Desharnais (least of all Mayor Corderre). Also, Murray made a case for himself, and looked like a meaner Hal Gill. Pacioretty needs to step it up. Bourque too.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 19 – Canadiens rally late but lose 2-1 in Shootout; Price makes 44 saves (2013-11-12 22:44:24)
    The three shootout shooters all went glove-side. The only one who shoots left (Galchenyuk) went to his backhand... so that it was glove-side. *sighs* Left-shooting Eller, Pleks, Pacioretty, and Bourque all unused. Amazing game though, third period on. Price was a monster.
  • Comment on Game on! Boone returns to HIO with live blog (2013-01-19 07:08:25)
    Worth finding my log-in credentials for! A hearty welcome back, Mr. Boone. I'll never forget meeting you as a guest lecturer back at my Concordia J-school class (can't for the life of me remember which), but the year would've been 1988 or 89 and you were the long-standing radio & TV critic at the time, poring over BBM tea leaves and such. Very much looking forward to the return of your singular wit in this space, sir!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Devils beat Flyers 4-1, even series (2012-05-02 06:37:21)
    Bit of advice to Bergevin: at your first press conference, hand out an endless supply of cookies!
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-03-09 00:19:55)

    Timo, I don't think dubious means what you think it means.

  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Sopel, Dawes from Thrashers (2011-02-24 14:50:55)

    Someone just reminded me of another intangible benefit to Sopel on the Habs blue-line: he can handle the Flyers. Instant psychological barrier lifted for entire Habs D.

  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Sopel, Dawes from Thrashers (2011-02-24 14:43:23)

    I like this trade. It signals to the team the GM is happy with what he's got and sees potential for a lengthy playoff run. Sopel is a right-hand shot, and is finally the kind of guy we needed to take Gorges spot in the line-up. He is great in his own end, and has tons of valuable play-off experience. He and Gill on the PK should be a treat. This allows Hamr and Subban to catch their breath, and the Wiz and Weber have less pressure on them too. Dawes is insurance I guess.

    Only down side is Maxwell is the featured player on my Habs calendar for the month of March (of course November it's Markov, and December it's Halak!)

    ...i guess this also means Spacek is out for the season.