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  • Comment on Update: Hamrlik says no to Canadiens (2011-06-29 08:48:11)
    Really? you don't remember Carbo using Mark Streit on the 4th line/PP specialist? Because I do ;) Remember that sweet goal he scored against Boston in the first round in '08?
  • Comment on Canadiens romp (2010-12-07 19:59:33)

    damn you guys are fast... at least we weren't the only ones who noticed

  • Comment on Canadiens romp (2010-12-07 19:58:47)

    don't know if anyone else noticed this, but my gf pointed out a pretty ridiculous freudian slip on the part of darren pang on TSN... comparing Subban to Pietrangelo he said piet does things "the white-the right way"  any one else catch it?

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-01 00:09:53)
    Well, the habs pack a hell of a game into 20 minutes... Too bad about the league conspiracy blocking the games from only being 20 minutes long... Otherwise #25 wouldn't seem so unreasonable
  • Comment on Game 2: That’s more like it – Habs whip Leafs (2008-10-12 03:05:22)
    sorry thats not true, oleg petrov was on that team
  • Comment on Last chance to send greetings to Pocket (2008-02-29 10:30:51)
    Bonne Fete Henri, et merci pour tous que vous avez faite pour nous les partisans. Le Pocket Rocket sera toujours une legende a Montreal.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 14:12:59)
    one point about dropping huet yesterday: the loss of his salary opens up alot of room to make any last minute call ups we could want. on a seperate note, as good as the higgins koivu ryder and kostitsyn plekanec kovalev lines were last night, i'm convinced the bros. k would develop into a powerhouse on the same line together. just for the hell of it, imagine the line ups looking like this: higgins plekanec kovalev kostitsyn grabovski kostitsyn latendresse koivu ryder lapierre chipchura begin higgins and pleks have played together before and played well when they did. plekanec and kovalev already play well together, so why not try it out? the kostitsyns are great whenever they're on the ice together, and a guy with grabovskis speed is only gonna make that line better. if he works on his faceoffs, that line could do alot of damage. koivu and ryder look like they finally woke up, so adding latendresses size along the boards might help, since he can back up koivu when he loses those battles on the boards (and then gets a hooking penalty right away after he lost the puck), so his grit on the boards will open up pucks, and all koivu has to do is give a nice feed to ryder. for the fourth line, i always felt lapierre and begin should play together, and i never thought chipper deserved to get sent down. he's a strong 2 way center, and the laps and begin bring alot of energy to every game, so that line could definitely wear down the oppositions defence. Again this is just for fun. I like the team the way it is now, but u never know, maybe a little good old fashioned carbonneau chemistry experiment might make thigns even more interesting. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  • Comment on Hossa, a Penguin, slips through Habs grasp (2008-02-26 18:44:55)
    Alright, for all the Carey doubters and Huet lovers, let's look at our supposed "Number One" goalie that we just "gave away for nothing": -7th round pick -Has never handled the work load of a real number one goalie (60+ games) -has only reached the 20 win mark for the first time this season -is very streaky, sometimes he's great, sometimes he sucks -is 33 years old - is a UFA at the end of the season I say we dodged a bullet by not giving in to what atlanta was asking for, and did the right thing ultimately dumping huet. He's only been to the playoffs once, and he choked there, how much more experience than price and halak does he really have? Price has dealt with the pressure in playoffs in the world juniors and the calder cup run (ya i know, not the nhl, but u don't think theres pressure involved when u represent ur country, at any level?) and won. Huet? saved our season when he took over from theo, but was PARTLY (not entirely) to blame for our early exit that year, and was pretty much entirely to blame for that loss against the leafs last year that ended our hopes. He's had periods of brilliance this year, but lately has become a hell of a sieve and lost the confidence of his organisation. The best of luck to him in washington, but BELIEVE ME, Montreal is better off without him. Have faith...who knows, maybe Grabovskis recent hot streak will carry over to the nhl, price and halak will dominate, and huet will stink it up in washington. then all the haters will love gainey.