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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-13 11:19:31)
    Well this loss just prolongs Therrian as being the coach with Ted Nolan getting another chance!
  • Comment on Tinordi sent down to Hamilton, Pateryn called up (2013-10-23 15:22:46)
    Hello, I` am new ere but have been reading all your posted for years! I believe it is time for Gionta, Moen, Bourque to move on! Very slow, and do not come out every nite with the effort to win game! Nothing worse than seeing players back check half ass, swinging there sticks instead of moving there feet! There s no stop and starts, they fly bye! Its obvious they practice this way so when game time comes they do not know any better! These guys are professionals and they play like peewees do! Just terrible to watch! As for the coach Therrien....he is not a coach and will never be! He can not adjust to game and seems to play favorites! Play the players which play instead of the ones who dragg there A$$
  • Comment on Reeling in Yemelin? (2011-05-11 11:56:38)
    Hey veryhabby, I would have to disagree myself. I would not have spacek, sopel any where near this line up. They have to make room for Wiz(a must) weber, yemlin, Picard. Time to get of the old plugs which can play hard the whole game. Also time to get rid of AK, Pouliout, and time to realize Darch and Moen are not a a top 2 line material. Very good at 3 and 4th lines which we have enough of.
  • Comment on Spacek out 4-6 weeks (2011-03-01 12:54:04)

    Habs after start useing ther young defence core. Weber is doing fine and picard also. Spacek is getting slow and on his way out.