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Habs fan since: 1959 (when I was born)
Favorite current player: Carey Price (even before this year)
All-time favorite player: Core of 76-79 how do you choose Dryden, Lafleur, Gainey...


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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-23 11:26:34)
    It's funny that fans in Canada are all the same. Living in Toronto Area I see fans jumping on and off bandwagons depending on what the teams do. If someone told you back in September at 50 games the Habs would be in 3rd place majority would take it. They were expected to be in a playoff race & they are. Despite the start the problems that existed in Sept. still are there, small forwards, small defense, nothing has changed, so why are we surprised! Trade this guy, fire that guy are all reactions fans have, but in reality won't/shouldn't happen. Every team is looking for big Dmen & forwards so MB won't make a trade simply because the asking price is too high. Obviously last yr wasn't a lie. This team gets off to a great start & then the floor comes out from under them. Maybe the Olympic break will help those who stay but with 8 players going, might be a detriment for those who will be key players for countries who will go far in tournament. So get ready for a wild roller coaster ride until the end of season. I would like to see MB start to bring up Tinordi & Pateryn & let them play, they can't play worse than the group they have now. Finally, remember they probably aren't as good as we make them when they are winning, not as bad as we make them when they're losing. Enjoy the roller coaster ride Hab fans & don't forget the barf bags!
  • Comment on About this season … and next season … and the one after that … (2013-05-10 10:50:14)
    If the Habs trade Price, it's going to be a trade that haunts this team for years to come. Before the Roy trade everyone was saying he was done, finished etc.... The rest is history. There is no one coming up in the org. to replace him, who do you trade him for, Loungo, Fleury, Miller all failed goalies, MA may have won a cup, but what has he done since. Price needs a coach who lets him play, there were too many surprise NON-starts this season. Despite his errors Martin in his last full season rode Price for 70+ games and he had his best yr. Number 1 goalies need to play look around the league Lundquist Brodeur, Rinne, all play almost all of their teams games. In 1989 season Roy shared the nets with Hayward, when the playoffs came Hayward even started some games. Anyone who saw the cup clinching game for Calgary can recall a pretty poor performance by Roy in that game. What did Savard do, he traded Hayward & signed Roy to a new deal. The rest is history (a lot of it revisionist, but that's another story). Get the kid a bigger D, let him start 65+ games I know his play will change and most of the whining will go too (there are still Halakians who can ever give him a break)
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-10 18:25:23)
    Perhaps the "Morons" are justifying TSN690 not being granted an exemption! I live in Ontario and its not often that any Habs player get positive comments here, but Price & Subban are changing that. While Riemer has improved his play it was common to hear Leaf fans call in & say if the Leafs had Price in nets they would win it all. Last week TSN 1050 had Jim Hughson on who said in his mind Price was the best goalie on the Eastern Conference & Mtl was his dark horse because of that. "Morons" like the guy Jerry who keeps calling in bashing Price & the other Price-Haters will do so even if he carried them to a cup win & wins MVP.
  • Comment on Audio: Price signs for six years, $39 million (2012-07-02 19:20:03)
    Pretty disappointed All-Star shoot-out highlites wasn't in that video but reminds Habs fans why he is considered one of the tops in the league.
  • Comment on Quick Hit (2011-03-01 01:20:33)


    Are you sure your not a Leafs fan masqerading as a habs fan to cause a ruckus on this board? You must be your spelling is all F'ed up (shiet what is that?? not sure if it even moves, less up or down hills) Leaf fans can't spell so that's what gave you away LOL. I know I live right in the middle of them.

    Look I think having guys like Vinnie, Martin St.L., Stamkos had more to do with your so called turn around than Stevie Y, and Boucher jumping on board. Until then all they had were a bunch of yahoos who owned, managed & coached them. Don't you think Washington's problems is helping thier place in the standings? Another clue your a closet Leafs fan, a GM change and suddenly your a good team. Last year all you guys thought that BB was the salvation.

    Look how far any team goes is based on matchups. In my playoff pool here last year I had no capitals because I knew they would be out 1st round. Bad record against habs and too confident. This year I'm not planning on putting any Flyers on my pool, How can you win with a goalie called Bob for short lol? Remember Jim Carey with tha Caps a few years ago, goalies with funny names no success.