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  • Comment on Lightning vs. Canadiens preview (2015-03-10 15:52:53)
  • Comment on Lightning vs. Canadiens preview (2015-03-10 15:38:09)
    Really? Who cares about the Blue Jays. We are Montreal fans here. If anything, the Washington Nationals, our former beloved Expos, should be discussed.
  • Comment on Blue Jackets vs. Canadiens preview: Galchenyuk out with the flu (2015-02-20 20:38:44)
    Errant, You are being disingenuous. Bhull is referring to the fact that the Canadians organization has decided that hiring the best french-speaking coach is more important than hiring the best coach available, period. This is a fact. Your comment attempts to gloss over this critical point.
  • Comment on Leafs vs. Canadiens preview: Sekac, Gilbert healthy scratches for Habs (2015-02-13 18:56:24)
    It's like saying you don't like Tchaikovsky or Beethoven. You may not love classical music, but there is no doubt that the Beatles as a group were absolute musical geniuses. They were like watching Lafleur in motion - if you are a Bruins fan, Lafleur was a bum, when in fact it was a thing of beauty watching him play. Also, without the Beatles, there would not have been and Soungarden or Nirvana, so dismissing them is plain silly. Finally, before the Beatles there was the Platters, Jerry Lee Lewis and the like - they bridged a huge music gap, like going from DOS to Windows 95 in one fell swoop.
  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-09-30 16:46:54)
    or name a few, rather
  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-09-30 16:45:42)
    I would personally like to see both Tinordi and Beaulieu play, but they are both left D. Emelin and Markov take up two spots, leaving room for one of them. I am not one of the many who think Emelin should be moved - big mistake. We have all too often given up on D's in the past (Langway, Chelios, Desjardins, Robidas, Beauchamps, McDonagh to mane a few).
  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-09-30 16:34:57)
    According to Wikipedia, Bouillon's mother is French Canadian, father's from Haiti. Moved to Quebec when he was three. But he retains his American citizenship. However, I don't think heritage is the issue in Bouillon's case though - it is a trust issue for the coach, who tends to develop his young players slowly (a bit excessively in the eyes of most fans I would say).
  • Comment on Carolina last stop for Habs before Olympic break (2014-02-07 14:29:52)
    FunkyCrabChairNF: I read your posts with interest. You had every reason to argue the quite ridiculous post from Habfan10912, but doing it in a calm and sensible way always gets you much further. Using denigrating words like a-hole gets you nowhere, especially on blogs like this where everyone can hide behind a computer screen. You'd be much better off arguing the points without getting inflammatory.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 52 – Canadiens plumb new depths of suckitude in 5-0 loss, fall behind Leafs in standings (2014-01-25 23:14:29)
    Agreed - major overhaul, starting with the coach.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 52 – Canadiens plumb new depths of suckitude in 5-0 loss, fall behind Leafs in standings (2014-01-25 23:06:19)
    I have watched the Habs since 1968. The demise of this franchise has been something to behold. The issues: 1. Terrible management pre-Bergevin. Little by little, management had given away our assets and talent has been frittered away. The present team is a reflection of this in large part. 2. For the last 15-20 years, the focus has been on copying the NJ Devils trap system instead of playing Montreal Canadiens firewagon hockey. I keep hearing how we haven't had the horses for this style of hockey, and I say B.S. The best hockey is one with a strong forecheck, not this neutral zone crap. 3. Probably the most important aspect: There has been way too much emphasis on hiring coaches who are French Canadian. Talk about limiting yourself!!! Crazy is what it is. Maybe the Dallas Stars should just hire coaches from Texas?? Can anyone name the most successful coach in Habs history? Surely no one from Quebec would be against hiring the next Scotty Bowman. A continuation of the policy of hiring coaching retreads like Therrien, Martin, etc, will keep the franchise from improving. 4. I would continue to focus on building through the draft. Like others on this site, I would also definitely be focusing on selling the vets including, unfortunately, Markov. 5. The thing is, I like Bergevin - a lot. You can just tell, he is bright, articulate, knows the game. He has made a couple of doozy mistakes that I cannot explain (signing DD, Briere, to a lesser extent Murray); it seems that he signed them just to buy some time. There has been a push here and on other blogs to bring up Tinordi, Pateryn, etc, now. There is no doubt that Bergevin has been hesitant to do this, not wanting to make some of the same mistakes of his predecessors. He is in it for the long haul, nurturing his young players to learn and grow before they get to the big show, and this makes sense to me. But there is no doubt, that the present team looks lost. I think, unfortunately, that Bergevin thinks of Therrien as a place-holder until the younger crop of players arrive in 2-3 years. All I know is that it is hard to watch.