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  • Comment on Canadiens give Price day off after win over Stars (2015-01-28 15:06:15)
    I think all those crying about the Habs inefficiencies are nutz. The boys would win the Stanley Cup and you would still find something to cry about. Crap like : Ah we were lucky or If such and such a player wouldn't have done a thing it would have been easier... Take the team for what it is, if we win great, if we lose, we tried. MB said his plan was over 4 or 5 yrs. 2 years(not really counting the strike season) into we're having great success. Stop being so negative and start cheering for the team.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-03 09:40:06)
    I think everyone's being too hard on Emelin. Instead of harping on the bugs our players make, they should be encouraged to keep working at it and hang in there and do their best. I don't see anyone berating Tom Gilbert anymore, and I might be wrong on this, but it appears to me ever since Yemy has paired up with him, his play has risen to another level. Give these guys time to learn each others style of play and you will see Emelin's level rise as well. Get better get stronger.
  • Comment on Canadiens given day off after loss in Minnesota; Bournival sent to Hamilton Bulldogs (2014-12-04 13:38:26)
    Allen is definitely no Hal Gill, and is to often blindly clearing the puck up ice onto opponents sticks. He should be doing more Emelin type checks more often on players, but this goes for the whole team. My idea of a good check isn't waltzing a player into the boards. I understand that the rules prohibit certain checks, but good checks can still be given. If you don't stop these guys buzzing around they are going to make you dizzy and score. Every time I see this starting to happen with no one giving a good check, I can almost expect a goal every time. I don't know, maybe everyone is keeping themselves for the playoffs. I saw one good check last night by Pacioretty in the offensive zone. I'm not saying there weren't any more maybe I just couldn't see them on my TV, but the other teams offense has to get checked into the boards hard a couple of times when they are in our zone. It's like if I don't check them they won't check me. I don't know maybe I'm just crazy.
  • Comment on Canadiens given day off after loss in Minnesota; Bournival sent to Hamilton Bulldogs (2014-12-04 13:25:36)
    I'm sorry but although I'm sure Allen is a great guy and will stand up for his team, I'm sure Tinordi could've played just as well in all the games I've seen Allen play. The big difference is Tinordi can get better, Allen won't. My vote is for getting Tinordi back up and using Allen as a back up if someone gets hurt.
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-24 17:36:08)
    On another note Beaulieu reminds me a lot of JC Tremblay. That pass he made to Patch and the way he's in and out of the players in defensive zone reminds me of Tremblay as well. Player's play differenetly now, but Beaulieu might be well served in wathcing some of JC's work.
  • Comment on Stubbs is all wet (don’t say it) for ALS research (2014-08-24 17:27:46)
    Wait a minute, you gotta play these guys in the show, I agree they are not as good as Doughtey, Sutter Subban or any of the other big names, but even these guys made mistakes. These guys have showed steady improvement wherever they have played. If you don't give them the chance to learn, you won't get the result. Everyone in Mtl is so obsessed with getting he cup now, they won't let the normal progress of player development happen. Look what happened to Gorges, how long was he a peripheral player before his value became obvious to the team. He was given the chance to learn the game and he thrived. Tinordi, Beaulieu and Pateryn need that same chance or else we will be saying the same thing we have said about McDonough. Give them a chance to get a full year of NHL experience and I say if they don't break through this year, next year everyone will be saying the Canadiens have the best defence in the NHL, and it won't be the big 3, it will be the big six.
  • Comment on NHL fines Bruins’ Thornton for spraying water at Habs’ Subban (2014-05-11 14:19:04)
    We need to put Beaulieu and White in the linup. We need offence and better defence.
  • Comment on Habs hit the road on a hot streak; Drewiske clears waivers (2014-03-03 10:29:15)
    I wish that all of those who constantly spout trade and playing negativity(always wanting to trade people) towards the team would go cheer for another team. I feel your bad comments are partly responsible for the bad years the Habs have had. An example of this is if you are treated negatively at work you will not respond positively, a person usually responds negatively. If you could go and cheer for another team you could sow negativity within that team and cause them to have bad years. Encourage the players just like you would wish to be encouraged when you work. Much better results will be achieved, or get another team.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-10 12:55:11)
    If read many articles against and for on the issues of this game. All have good points. In the end if the Habs make the playoffs and get to the 2nd round, he's a good coach and what he did was right. I they are out of the playoffs or get knocked out in the 1st round, the coach's measures are extreme and he's not the coach for this team. That's the way it will come out. There isn't much anyone can do until the the season's over. In my opinion the Habs don't have the guns nor the muscle to get very far in the playoffs, I think management knew this from the beginning so we may as well wait and hope for the best. I seem to recall the GM taking over a 3rd from last place team and creating a plan of progression from there. Because they did well last year and are in a decent position this year, everybody is gung ho and when things aren't going well it's trade the team and fire the coach so we can win the cup. The people that MB is looking at to be able to follow his plan are developing in the minors. Chicago, LA, Pittsburg, Colorado... didn't win the Stanley cup 10 years in a row to get the personnel they have, they were bottom feeders for a long time before their good draft choices came and started to make them good teams. We need to stick to MB's plan and stop putting so much pressure on this team. If the coach doesn't work out he'll be replaced in due time, but we have to give this team a chance to develop. It's not by getting Dany Brière, George Parros and Doug Murray that made us an automatic contender. It was an experiment and we will see the outcome at the end of the year. Unless of course Philly wants to trade us Vinny for Briere, Parros and Murray or NJ wants to give us JAGR at the trade deadline for Parros, I mean be realistic. Even getting those 2 guys wouldn't make us win the cup. even if we could get Crosby now, we couldn't win the cup.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-02 09:03:31)
    They should call up Greg Pateryn and have him play with Markov. He's solid defensively and has a little offence and it's the type of player Markov needs right now to back him up. He's got muscle and can handle the rough stuff. I don't think Markov is at his peak right now and hopefully with time he will improve, but he needs someone to back him up and although I love Diaz, this pairing is not going to help Markov get his abilities back.