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  • Comment on About … aw, forget last night. Merry Christmas! (2013-12-22 12:52:23)
    MaxPac + DD for Kane and Jets first round. As for Yakupov, i would trade edmonton Gorges and 1st. Kane is better than MaxPac in terms of offensive skills and physical play. Again, it would have to include jets 1st, as they're getting a crazy good contract. As for Edmonton, they need a leader and a solid top 4Dman. Our 1st round will be in the 20+ pick.... Id rather get Yak. AND FOR LOVE OF GOD FIRE MT... "we are a grinding team" no MT, you are a grinding coach, go frak yourself. I even said it a long time ago, MT will get the most out of a grinding team and fail with a more finesse team. Habs should NEVER play north south, keep puck, practice tape to tape and dont stop skating. Does anyone mention Karlson is a non physical Dman... Duno why we dump puck on a shift change, pass it to Dman, then pass it back to a speeding forward. when all think alike, no one is thinking very much
  • Comment on Habs get a well-deserved day off (2013-12-06 16:54:27)
    That is a optimistic way of looking at it. Maybe maybe not, playoff hockey favors strong physical plays.
  • Comment on Habs get a well-deserved day off (2013-12-06 16:44:57)
    In a previous post i said i would trade DD for Kane, to be honest, DD is not my main concern. Mine is Gorges, he is far overpaid for what he brings. I would rather see Tinordi playing 15 min with Emelin, learning from what i find is the cleanest checker habs have had in last 15 years. Gorges + sweetner for Kane... Everyone would love Lucic be a hab... Kane has more offensive upside and comes from a family of boxers.
  • Comment on Habs get a well-deserved day off (2013-12-06 16:41:36)
    Yes and no, you do not want to make drastic changes, however, when a player is playing on a hot streak, you want to sell while value is high. I would take DD +1st round pick for Kane on the spot. Winnipeg wont be so stupid. The results could look like pacman gally gally kane eller bourque When Komisareks value was above and beyond thanks to Markov, we should have signed him or sold him, same goes for Streit... Having emotional attachments is futile, this is a business, never forget that. DD will dissapear, as he has done EVERY other playoffs Him being here is slowing down AGs progress becasue he cannot play at C.
  • Comment on “Big Mo” joins the show (2013-11-06 19:54:27)
    As you will have it, pattern recognition is important, however I still feel we need to discern between the comment and the person.
  • Comment on “Big Mo” joins the show (2013-11-06 19:37:51)
    I have not read enough comments to make an opinion on your posts, however, i do not see personal attacks in a good light, weather he is humble or not, that does affect his comments, respond to his comment not based on what you perceive of him.
  • Comment on “Big Mo” joins the show (2013-11-06 18:43:46)
    Have not posted in some time, but I need to vent, and these boards are awesome, I read them daily. Therrien would be a great coach for a team of pluggers. I do not mean that as a derogatory comment. Simply, that is what i feel would suit his type of game and personality. He understands hard work, and I will go as far as quoting him "when a student studied hard, he goes to an exam with confidence", could not agree more. However, he will never understand having a strong personality and raw talent. I will remind you all, his Pittsburgh team WITH Marian Hossa, did not beat Detroit, yet, the next year WITHOUT Marian Hossa, they did... He needs to go, I think Boucher is our man, he is smart, he ADAPTS to the player (instead of being silly to think its the other way around)... An NHL coach has to work for the player, not the other way around. NO BOSS makes less money than his employees... SO no, i keep hearing RDS, bunch of old boy club, past their prime, air bags throw away words like "his team, leader, captain, etc" NONSENSE. You get a player to improve by proving to him you can help him better himself. No other way, people respect Babcock because he will not try to mold you, he will try to fine tune you. Boucher did amazing work with bulldogs, and if tampa wasnt such a horrible team during his tenure, it would have shown. Montreal is more talented than some would admit, however, their weaknesses no one is addressing. And if meritocracy is what Therrien really preached, then explain ice time to me... No, this is all nonsense, but hey, Pauline Marois was elected, not exactly the province of avant garge common sense. when all think alike, no one is thinking very much
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 7 – Canadiens 5 – Columbus 3 in a barnburner (2013-10-17 20:58:03)
    DD and Briere earned every second on that PP...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 7 – Canadiens 5 – Columbus 3 in a barnburner (2013-10-17 20:49:47)
    Reffs are trying sooo hard... that was a clean body check by Subban, and then some guy trips Prust, no call... I know Markov scored, but Prusts kneee did not twist nicely... when all think alike, no one is thinking very much
  • Comment on Darche on dynamics of CBA talks, his future in hockey (2012-09-05 02:00:36)
    A bit? She's misses douchebag... Behind every douchebag, there is Pauline Marois.