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  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 19:53:03)
    Has nothing to do with that. Sauer to Akost was NOT a flying elbow, watch it again before you get to conclusions. The league is cracking down on boarding calls and this one was on of them. As for the hits to the head, only recently is that issue creating a stir but boarding and hits from behind is actually in the rulebook and should be subject to punishment, accidental or not.
  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 16:52:27)
    Well it's not like they could have let him go scott free. There was an injury on the play and a punishment must be issued since the hit looked iffy. Imagine the outrage had Kostopoulos walk away with nothing.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-22 18:44:18)
    Richards wouldn't set us back no more than Hossa would for a shorter period of time and with the rate of salary inflation, 7.8 mil would almost be a bargain for an elite player. That being said, I still prefer the scoring winger from Atlanta. Jokinen would even be better if Florida wants young guns; we got cowboys in diapers take your pick. I'm speaking of the farm of course. I think we have the cap space for a high-end player with the cap increase next year and a couple of dumps here and there in the off-season. Joki to SJ, Richards to CBJ, Sundin to Detroit paves way for Hossa to Mtl in a perfect world. Edit: Wadell couldn't sign Hossa. Let the bidding begin!
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-22 17:32:24)
    When BG says "impact player", it's gotta be a big gun for next year's run. Let's face it, this current roster has maybe 2 years to win a cup before players get too expensive to afford. He's looking for an "impact forward"? That screams offensive arsenal, "anything else would be uncivilized".
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-24 03:50:30)
    Nah, now's the time to add that "impact player" and obviously it won't be for a rental. Adding a scoring name next to Koivu gives you 2 LEGITIMATE scoring lines and that's should get us deep in the playoffs; the deeper you go the more experience for the young guns. Let's not mention the confidence it would bring to this team. It would make them realize that they are part of the elite instead of a bunch of over-performing rookies. That should take their game to a whole different level and sky's the limit. Next year's trades should be tweakers, final piece rentals that'll bring you to the finals. UFAs and RFAs await at the end of the next season so this roster's gotta make a run for it next year. If we're able to land that player NOW, we're comfortably on schedule. Now as to who they might acquire boils down in my opinion to Jokinen and Hossa, mayyybe Richards. Sundin rumour is a smokescreen. The problem lies with what Gainey is willing to part with. Prospects and picks are fine. In terms of respectable assets we have Ryder, Streit and Obyrne, 2 UFAs and a rookie (Gainey ain't moving Higgins). Would Wadell bite since he said he wants players that will help him immediately? Well, word is he's let 3 teams negotiate with Hossa's agent for an extension where the latter wouldn't mind going. Good hunch they're Boston, SJ, Mtl ; non rentals. Boston seems to have the best package as of now, whether they can actually afford him is another story. Florida wants cheap players young prospects, and we got galore. Of course SJ are gunning for him too. We probably have a better bundle but they're in a different conference. I think we and SJ are the best buyers for Joki and Hossa (Boston if they manage to get a discount for Marian's best-man Chara) and call me crazy and a dreamer but I think we'll get at least one of the two. Hossa's a better fit but Joki will give the Finnish connection. Call me crazy but I think we'll get at least one (I'm crazy). In any case, we rent a top 4 Def, clear the clutter that is our 7 player-4rth line and we should be fully loaded by next years playoffs. Ooof.....is it tuesday yet?
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-22 20:05:40)
    Thanks night. CBJ do need a big name center and if Fedorov IS on the move, I see it as a pretty good fit. As for Murray, Vermette is the only trade bait they have and I don't think it's enough. I also doubt moving Fisher constitutes as a step forward. My opinion? Ottawa has a Christmas list they can't afford. SJ have Cheechoo or Marleau, not the YOUNG talent Florida might be looking for but still a very interesting offer. Boston might make a run at it as well, although Hossa seems to be the main target for them. On that note, I think BG is in a solid position as a buyer for any one of these high-end players, and almost any addition would just be icing in my opinion. I'd be disappointed if we don't get a slice of the pie. Can't wait for Tuesday.