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  • Comment on Sergei K dealt to Nashville (2010-06-29 19:23:48)

    If we can get Ellis and Boyd signed that will be one heck of a trade for Montreal.....funny how nobody expected to get anything back for Sergei in a trade but yet we get not one but 2 NHL established players back in the deal....If Montreal can sign Dan Ellis (which I think they will) he'll be Montreals number one goalie by mid season mmw...Great trade Gauthier

  • Comment on Qualifying offers heat up contract talks (2010-06-24 13:39:40)

    Although I like Sergei I am definately suprised with the amount of times he was in the dog house that Gauthier gave him a qualifying offer....I'm not suprised about Pouliot, even though he for the most part was on a line with Gionta and Gomez, other then a few games here and there he didn't do anything (especially not in the playoffs), Gionta was more of a force in front of the net then Pouliot was.....IMO until Price proves some consistancy I wouldn't give him more then a 2 year deal nor would I give the guy more then 2 mil a season

  • Comment on Audio: Gill skates briefly after a.m. warmup (2010-05-10 16:49:58)

    Thats alright dude u just keep bashing him, I hope some of u guys get ur wish and Andrei along with Sergei are traded....I just can't wait until Andrei is a consistant 30-40 goal scorer some where else and people like you sit and cry because we gave them up and picked up nothing for them....we've lost so many players lately who have had the potential (Ribeiro, Ryder) but fans and coaches alike don't give them a fair shake and they go on to have great careers on other teams

  • Comment on Audio: Gill skates briefly after a.m. warmup (2010-05-10 16:11:36)

    Yep Montreal is losing 3-2 in the series and its all Andrei Kostitsyns fault...Yep he is surely floating... and yeah he is only in the NHL for the money, he doesn't give a darn about a Stanley Cup.....what ever,  Andrei is playing just as well as anyone else......Why aren't u guys in the NHL playing for the Habs if u guys think you're so good to pin point a certain player weather or not he has lived up to expectations in ur mind....u guys jealous perhaps

    About Mathieu Darche, I really like the guy and I think he's been solid each and every game he's played


  • Comment on Audio: Metro game-time decision for Game 3 (2010-04-18 15:50:06)

    Halak did struggle down the stretch, BUT even down the stretch atleast he won games here and there for us, and Halak overall was the more superior goalie overall through out the season and he of course has stepped up when we've needed him.....When did Price ever step up, it seemed like for quite a while anytime he was in net for Montreal we lost

  • Comment on Game 81: Habs blown away by Hurricanes (2010-04-09 00:20:55)

    First off u should haven't mentioned Mike Cammalleri and Scott Gomez on where are u...only thing that Cammaleri has done since his return is spark Andrei Kostitsyn because Kostitsyn has done well since Cammalleris return, and Tomas Plekanec has played well the majority of the season and in my opinion, I'd have Plekanec over Scott Gomez any day...Gomez has done nothing as of late......Second of all yes Price has the potential to be a superstar, but without Halak we wouldn't have a chance to be in the playoff race this year and Halak has had twice as many wins as Price, and guranteed no matter what Halak will do ALOT more then Price has ever done in the playoffs...Halak has been going above and beyond his potential thus far I think and I believe he can still become better

  • Comment on Kovalev honoured again; prospect Maxwell signs (2008-03-01 17:28:03)
    Great News for Kovalev he deserves it...he's played great all season....As for Ben Maxwell injuries aside he's one of Montreals better prospects, hopefully Maxwell can stay injury free from now on, and show us what he's got