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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-24 11:18:17)
    Also if Chris Nilan was still playing, Lucic and Chara would be curling up in the corner together like gay lovers in fear.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-24 11:12:53)
    I totally agree with gerrybell, but i don't understand where the team that came out in game 1 & 2 went. that team came with intensity, 2 on the forecheck, creating turn overs to a team that is sitting back even when they do not have a lead. from games 3 & 4, didn't JM learn a thing, that they cannot sit back in the playoffs, even with a lead. As for Scott "the turnover" Gomez, WTF? i saw one point where he actually showed he cared. When he had the puck, and about to go into the bruins zone, everyone went to change, they probably thought he would have turned it over anyways. As for Carey Price, nothing to say, only that the defense have to be more aware around him. Tim Thomas has a horseshoe up his butt, maybe they should put mike ryder in goal. In conclusion, a message to the habs if they read any of this, please find the intensity that was there in games 1&2. Screw JM if he tells you to sit back and play defensive, you guys are an offensive team that have some skill, use it.....
  • Comment on No Habs hockey on Saturday? (2011-02-20 16:36:38)

    In a way i agree, AK is another Kovalev, he plays when he wants to but when he does he can get it done. As for Gomez, we should get rid of him to free up some cap space and get a player that won't always try and do it himself. If we wanted players to turn over the puck after getting it into the offensive zone, we would call ourselves the toronto Maple Leafs. Also i think we should look to either get rid of Hamrlik or give him the option to retire, he can not keep up with the hockey of today. Those defensive turn overs are killing us. We should get a player like Stephen Weiss.