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  • Comment on Sailing into the break on a W and a prayer (2012-01-26 10:56:53)
    Just a thought on the "possible" Bulldogs move. I am a former Montrealer and have been immersed in Southern Ontario culture for 6 years now. Trust me when I say that a move to Laval would be a horrible idea. Junior teams and AHL teams will tend to thrive more in markets that are currently not "serviced" (for lack of a better term) by an NHL team. If you need an example, you need only ask those that have attended Memroial Cup tournaments when they've been held in big-city markets versus those held in less-urban, non-NHL markets; hint...tournaments held in big-city, NHL markets don't have the great turnouts. The Marlies play out of Toronto and I can tell you that it is not a big draw. So much so that their radio advertising have Brian Burke promoting the Marlies saying, "Every game is a tryout!". Seriously? Who is in charge of that marketing strategy? The Marlies are a pro-sports team. How many of us would love to have a hockey career that would bring you to the heights of the AHL (if not the NHL)? Many , I'm sure. I'm not sure that a marketing strategy aimed at promoting the Marlies as solely a tryout to make it to the big show (NHL) is the best thing. But that's what happens when you share the stage with the Maple Leafs. An AHL team is an excellent way for a team like the Montreal Canadiens to expand their borders and increase and nurture their fan base outside of Montreal. Laval does not need to be sold on the Montreal Canadiens. The Bulldogs are a professional sports team. They may not be an NHL team, but they are nonetheless a professional sports team. They deserve to be in a market where they are TOP DOG and not placed in a market where they would be considered as a "second-class' to the Montreal Canadiens. Keep them in Hamilton! The city loves them...and it's wonderful to see people in Hamilton being transformed into Habs fans and not Maple Leafs fans.
  • Comment on Sailing into the break on a W and a prayer (2012-01-26 10:55:26)
  • Comment on Brendon Nash called up (2011-02-15 17:00:44)

    I just wanted to share my comments on PK Subban. Longtime reader of HIO, first time commenter. I have had enough of the negative comments against this guy across the league and just felt the need to vent. No one has mentioned it YET, but eventually it will come out. And by the sound of PK's latest comments, he sure seems like he's thinking it at the back of his mind; but he's too classy to say anything. There is no doubt that there is a little racism at work here. If PK was from Kingston and white, Don Cherry would be talking up a storm at how great this kid is and how he has 'guts'. There would be no talk of 'disrespect of his elders' or 'learning the code'. When was the last time that a player called up from the minors whose only role was to add muscle to a team ever accused of 'not respecting his elders' or 'mouthing off too much as a rookie'. Or has such a player ever been told to 'hold back' or 'earn the respect of his peers first'? Even Sean Avery gets the benefit of the doubt now and then. So along comes a skilled player and NHL players expect this guy to hold back 'skill' while fighters are expected to go out and bowl over opponents at will?

    Give me a break.