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  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-27 09:25:53)
    Ryder is one of the best snipers in the NHL . Check his stats ,they speak for themselves. Now get another Newf ,CLOWE from the Sharks ,one of the toughest forwards in the league who gets 40 -55 points a season.
  • Comment on Leafs 2-Habs 1: Post-game reaction (2013-01-20 10:36:23)
    Thats your opinion and I don't agree with you . P.K. can outskate all of those guys. Its the rest of the Habs that have to catch up. He is on one of the worst teams in the league last year unlike those you named. Its a team sport and not an individual sport. All those players have a better supporting cast than P.K . had the last two years . Real hockey fans know that!!
  • Comment on Leafs 2-Habs 1: Post-game reaction (2013-01-20 10:31:51)
    The Habs always find a way to lose good players. Subban will be gone in a couple of years ,instead he should be a lifetime franchise player. Even Kovalev could have been signed to help in shootouts and the powerplay for a decent price. Patrick Roy left ,Guy Lafleur had to play with Rangers and Nordiques, Robinson went to L.A. , John Leclair , Tucker ,Desjardins ,Chelios ,Langway,Cammy,Theodore etc... The list goes on and on and that will continue to happen due to incompetence and mismanagement . So now you know why they haven't won a cup since Patrick Roy left. P.K. is a franchise player but the fans and management will drive him away too instead of embracing him and letting him mature as a player and future star.
  • Comment on Leafs 2-Habs 1: Post-game reaction (2013-01-20 10:17:52)
    The difference is this game was that PK was not there. He has the best shot on the point and is the fastest of all Habs players. Infact he is their best player but yet they won't pay him accordingly. The problem with the Habs has been they have been managed poorly over the last 10-15 years . I actually thought the Habs played well last night and can't see why fans are already writing off the season. True fans don't do that !!!!!! I have watched the great Canadiens for 38 years or more,since I was old enough to remember, and I still stick with them win or lose.Chill out and When Subban comes back they will be much better.
  • Comment on One year since deaths of NHL enforcers (2012-08-09 21:51:18)
    There have been numerous fights in football ,basketball and huge brawls in baseball too!!!! So you don't have to imagine it ,it happens in all professional sports. Look up MLB fights or NFL fights on youtube and then rethink your comment!!!
  • Comment on One year since deaths of NHL enforcers (2012-08-09 21:40:20)
    There have been hundreds of enforcers over the years who never died tragically or killed themselves or became drug addicts etc... There are players who died tragically in the NFL ,MLB and the NBA too!! Hockey is a rough physical sport and you need guys that can stick up for teammates and protect our top players . If you take fighting out of hockey the sticks will be used as a weapon instead. Also head shots have only increased since the Nhl tried to curb fighting. An enforcer ensures that the cheap shots from other teams players are kept to a minimum and it works . For example if Gionta gets run over by much bigger players like Chara or Lucic there has to be consequences . If it happens this season guys like Prust , Moen ,White and Boullion will step up to the plate . They are not goons but hockey players that can mix it up if they have to in certain situations . Chris Neil is a perfect example of a hockey player who has a combination of skill,leadership and toughness . He took Chara off his feet a few times and when Chara comes to Ottawa he plays a different game because he knows Neil will step up to the plate if needed and deal with him.
  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-01 21:46:33)
    P.K. Subban is the most exciting Habs player we have seen in years. Get him signed and treat him well. I am a Habs fan for years but they have a habit of treating their stars poorly !!! Roy,Lafleur,Leclair,Richer,E. Dejardins , were all forced out of Montreal after playing well and getting nothing back. Instead they keep Gomez around and let him continue to bring the team down through his lack of effort and lazy attitude. P.K. is full of energy and plays big minutes and is the best reverse skater in the NHL. He will shine in the future and deserves better from the management and some so-called Habs fans .
  • Comment on Canadiens draft Collberg, Thrower in second round; Bozon in third (2012-06-23 08:21:27)
    The Habs have a bright future for sure but Gomez and Campolli have to go ! Bring up our rookies and let them play and get the experience . Also keep Staubitz for a bit of grit and toughness which we haven't had for a few years. You touch our top players you pay the price!!!!!
  • Comment on Canadiens draft Collberg, Thrower in second round; Bozon in third (2012-06-23 08:19:00)
    In my view the new face has already arrived and that is P.K. who definitely has the best skill set amongst the Habs and is capable of being a top 3 defenseman in entire NHL. I think he is our future star and adding these new guys will only make him even better. Imagine the assists he will get with these young superstars up front. Powerplay here we come!!! Both G'S will make the big team this year and they should be there !!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 14:58:51)
    Pacs has been given the first goal. Just announced on HNIC.