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Habs fan since: 1982
Favorite current player: Tomas Plekanec
All-time favorite player: Bobby Orr


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  • Comment on Cherry’s bomb backfires (2011-10-08 19:27:07)
    I have not watched a hockey broadcast on CBC in years. Don Cherry, and the absurd caricature of importance or relevance that he and the show share simply turns my stomach. A more bigoted and biased blasting of bombastic blather I have never seen. This recent disgraceful episode only assures me I am right not only in my decision, but also my indignation that my tax dollars support this farce. I've never understood how Don Cherry was seen as the icon many see him as, if anything he has always appeared to me as an anachronistic clown. I have nothing against fighting, in the street or on the ice. In a world of conflict of ideas, agendas and individuals, combat is inevitable, and in some cases, more honorable than the alternatives. When it is done honorably. There is nothing honorable about Don Cherry's position or profiteering - and his statements...well, frankly, I wish someone would sock HIM one. Preferably one of the people he maligned. Consequences are what prevent the simply ugly from becoming grotesque. It's about time Don Cherry faced some I think.
  • Comment on Shootout! (2011-02-10 19:06:34)
    This is quite possibly true. However, I still would rather have one, than have none. There are plenty of players who would not simply be taking up a spot on the bench until it's time for them to drop the gloves...I can think of a few tough guys who can actually contribute in other ways as well.