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  • Comment on Loyalty buys Sundin abuse of Leafs fans (2008-02-25 13:09:50)
    You just look like a huge homer if you complain about Sundin's lack of production and then say that Koivu gets a pass because of bad linemates. Sundin is stuck with linemates who are just as bad.
  • Comment on Game 61: Habs win on miraculous comeback (2008-02-19 23:16:22)
    Habs fans did not comport themselves too well, to be honest. Sure, there were some mediocre calls made, but the reason the Habs were down 5-0 was because the Habs were playing poorly, not because of a couple of Zebras.
  • Comment on T-Minus 7 Days (2008-02-19 18:51:20)
    Defense doesn't seem to be as much of a problem. Gorges is playing better and better, and O'Byrne has proven to be pretty solid. It's just not worth the cost, in my opinion, as who do you give up to grab Campbell/Boyle? Is that cost worth the slight marginal benefit of playing them over Gorges/O'B? I don't really think so. Habs need Ryder to turn into the goal scorer he has been, or get some second line help.