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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-02-11 09:49:17)

    Sooo, I have been thinking about that Bruins game and listening to the "pundits" on the subject.  Everyone is saying that the Bruins put out the playbook on the Habs the other night, but I really don't get it.  How is depending on Blind Refs to not call suspendable actions a game plan?  The B's should have had a third of their line up suspended for their BS that night.  The pundits, including Macguire, who I now realize has no integrity whatsoever as a journalist because he wants a job in the NHL and so will not call out the real issues, were all saying the Habs had it coming or this is what you do to beat us.  What about the freakin' rules of the game?  Macguire got up on his soapbox on team990 right before the game about disrespect and headshots and then during the game on TSN he used those exact qualities to go on about what a great player Marchant is, including showing a clip of BM hitting Subban from behind, and then saying "What a great young player."   !!???  WTF??!!  Isn't that the opposite of what he said just hours earlier.  Such Bull.  He says "The League" has to do something, but the league can do nothing if their police  (refs) will not enforce the laws.  I grew up watching wide open hockey in Edmonton, and quit watching hockey in the clutch and grab era because it was sh*t hockey.  What is the point of all these rules, of the "New NHL" bull if the refs won't call THE F'N RULES!!!!  They are making me not want to watch hockey.  I am not being a homer here, Boston should have had 9 the other night except for a blind call and I watch other games too.  The reffing in this league is SOOOOO F'N BUSH!!!