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  • Comment on First F. Place (2008-03-01 21:53:12)
    The Bruins scare the hell out of me. Thomas is about as hard to score on as Brodeur and Savard is setting his guys up right, left, and center. I say we take his knees out the next time we play him...WHAT??? Like you guys never said something like that! Right!LOL
  • Comment on Game 66: Canadiens win to grab East lead (2008-03-01 21:48:35)
    Hey, we won but good Lord that was an ugly, boring game. It seemed like every time we got control of the puck, the 4th line was on. All I kept seeing was Smolinski. I must say Lapierre played a great game. Lots of hustle, and at the end when he hung onto the puck behind Brodeur, amazing. Our first line was as flat as my buddy's wife, and I blame Kovalev to some extent...no leadership on that line tonight. And can we ever start winning some face offs for heaven's sake? Good win, but snoozzzzzzzzze-est.
  • Comment on Game 66: Canadiens win to grab East lead (2008-03-01 21:41:51)
    I agree. Kovalev looked lethargic tonight. He didn't handle the puck well nor did he take many shots. It seemed like he had the Buffalo game in mind tonight as he tried many ill-advised passes into traffic. Just shoot the puck AK27.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-03-01 12:54:14)
    Something that strikes me as somehow disappointing (probably because I grew up seeing Habs lead the scoring race), is the fact we have only one player - Kovy - on the top thirty scoring list. I'd say this shows a very balanced team in terms of points given the position we hold in the standings. Had we not been in first, it would show we don't have anyone who can put the puck in the net. What have I been saying all year (well not to you people as I'm new to the neighborhood)...shoot high...roof it and you'll score in today's NHL, and what did our boys do last night? They roofed it on almost every goal except for Andre K's 5 hole jobbie. They all do the butterfly guys...shoot high.
  • Comment on How’s the weather up there? (2008-02-29 20:26:14)
    As a Habs fan out west, Saskatchewan, what do I get to see on the Toronto Sports Network? You guessed it...the Laffs and the Lightning. I HATE TSN and wrote them a nasty email just now. I wish you all would do the same. Thank God I have RDS. Though I don't speak french, I love watching my Habs and haven't missed a game in years. Great 1st period.
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-23 22:08:05)
    Absolutely disgraceful, frustrating, and painful to watch. Why doesn't Carbo split the "pylon line" of Smoke, Tommy K. and the Begger and put one orange cone on each of his lines with the order that they are to do nothing else (whether they can or not is to be debated) but stand in front of the opposition goalies.
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-23 20:21:49)
    Excellent point Timo...no one in front of Leclaire. We never seem to have anyone in front of the goalie, ever.
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-23 20:20:46)
    Halyk isn't the answer. Price is down way to early and way to much. When he came back to the big league he was standing much more than now. We need to start hitting and hustling or this is going to be another one of those long laments.
  • Comment on Gainey honoured … by the wrong team (2008-02-23 20:17:35)
    Don't get your hopes up with this team...not this year. They suffer from the Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde syndrome. Who is going to show next period? We are a one line/one defensive pairing team boys. There is no depth on defense. Someone commented that Hammie the hamster's return would rejuvenate the D. Yeah right! The guy should join 71 in the box on the ceiling. He's useless. I thought Carbo was preaching getting back to defense. I didn't see any defense out there. And you want to see good goalie techniques...check out Leclaire. He's in position every time. He's up, he's down, and he's moving. Boullion had no chance on his shot because Leclaire was already there. BG should trade for all the top names on the table. We need some help. I give us a round the way we're playing...one round and that depends on who or what shows up.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-20 20:56:33)
    Check out this video of Kovi from the latest Canadiens magazine. We have yet to see the true talent this guy possesses. It's amazing what he can do with the puck. www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI7KeY-DmNU