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  • Comment on Draft week begins (2012-06-19 12:36:06)
    Who was Radulov partying with? maybe that is why i wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-26 03:01:21)
    This is probably the only post that you have ever read of mine. I would say a one time sample would not provide you adequate evidence to condemn my usage of the English language. Maybe your anger should be directed at this site, as it does not recognize common English words such as favour or labour.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-26 02:33:06)
    yes Tom brady is in the superbowl , damn. but the slickest passer? do you not realize Boone that Brees destroyed Marino`s record for passing yards in a single season? a record that stood for almost 30 yrs. stick to what you know Boone! which isnt football and might not even be hockey.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-13 02:37:50)
    my hope is the new CBA will have a better buy out provision and we can get rid of Gomez. bar that we could loan him out to a Euro team.
  • Comment on Bad news piles up (2012-01-12 14:05:43)
    trade cammi?? maybe at the trade deadline but we don't need a knee jerk reaction. still unsure why he is whining? he is 3rd forward in terms of ice time and still wants more? Are you a two way center, Mike or a D man? that is the only way you get more time on ice.
  • Comment on Jaro returns to scene of the crime (2012-01-10 14:00:47)
    sad news Ron Caron has died. A longtime assistant GM in Montreal he is credited with helping shape the 70s habs dynasty. He went onto be a GM with the Blues. Hope that maybe he can be recognized tonight. RIP the old professor
  • Comment on Canadiens begin crucial homestand (2012-01-04 11:08:52)
    My thoughts: 1) Farber's article was good but nothing new. The one thing he doesn't mention is that top flight francophone players have refused to sign with the Habs (Briere Vinny etc..). The Francophone media may bang drums about lack of francophone players on the team but they should also be directing some of that anger at those francophone players that avoid the fish bowl of the Bell Centre. 2) Gauthier has lost the job and only a miracle will save it. I think Molson has already begun the search for a new GM. Gauthier was a left over from previous ownership and right now the new owners need to bring in a new regime. 3) I'm fairly happy at the stable of prospects coming up the pipeline. However, tinordi, Gallagher, Beaulieu etc. are likely 2 yrs out at best. time to shed salary for picks and prospects and target a rebuild. The team has some cornerstones to build around price, gorges, subban, and some exciting young talent Eller, DD, leblanc
  • Comment on On to Chicago (2011-12-20 16:21:34)
    You realize Selke, Pollock, Irvin, Bowman were Anglos. They did pretty well in the cup department.
  • Comment on On to Chicago (2011-12-20 14:52:26)
    The language debate is ridiculous. Cunneyworth is an easy target as he has no credibility as an NHL coach. If the Habs hired Holland for GM and Babcock as coach, do you think there would be any talk about language? The problem right now is that the ownership group is currently looking for a new GM and isn't rushing to a snap decision. A new GM will have a say in who is hired as coach. Cunneyworth has his shot but I wouldn't want to be in his position. He is a stop gap until the off season when the real rebuild (good or bad) occurs.
  • Comment on Takes on the game (2011-12-16 15:03:55)
    Forgot I was a rotten coach but I look good on TV . Pierre 'monster' McGuire. How many times does his name come up?