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  • Comment on O’Byrne, Kostopoulos ‘celebrated’ in song (2008-02-13 19:12:07)
    Great song. Reminds me of another Habs ditty from the '89 playoff run that was aired on CHOM or another station... In 1989 we started heading south Along with General Burns, just to shove some Yankee mouth... I can't remember the rest of it, but they went through all the players and made fun of the opposing teams. There might have even been a different one for each series. Anyone remember this? It'd be awesome to hear that again...
  • Comment on Welcome to the new Habs Inside/Out (2007-11-10 12:39:35)
    Great new look for the site. My suggestion is more about the content for the site... I'd like to see everything that is printed in the Gazette about the Habs posted to the blog! That means Red Fisher and Jack Todd's articles and columns (including MMQB and The Red Line) along with any of the sundry briefs that are posted by Pat Hickey. I know that these can all be accessed through the link to the Sports section at the top of the screen, but trying to go back even one day in the archives can be a major pain. (Not to mention the fact that most of the article links on the Gazette's site don't include the byline). The full articles don't even need to be posted to the blog, even a simple link would suffice. Thanks, and keep up the great work. Go Habs!