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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a nailbiter (2015-01-29 20:55:15)
    For anyone who is interested... This season Ryan McDonagh has 15 points, Scott Gomez has 16. Who said Gainey made a bad trade! Lol
  • Comment on Habs select McCarron in first round, Rosèmere native Fucale in second (2013-06-30 19:29:37)
    don't understand why everyone thinks that! Remember in the late 80's with Roy and Hayward sharing duties and if I remember correctly three straight Jennings trophies!
  • Comment on Habs select McCarron in first round, Rosèmere native Fucale in second (2013-06-30 18:02:53)
    you are part of the reason this site has gone downhill, way too many negative tools making stupid comments! Real fans cheer for their team, no matter who they chose!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-28 20:03:15)
    just thought of this, Montreal beat Toronto 4 1 to end the regular season last night. Montreal also beat Toronto 4 1 to end last years regular season. Glad this year was much better though!
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-18 11:23:49)
    My 9 year old nephew was at my house Saturday night watching the game with me. He is a huge Red Wings fan! He asked me if I was the G.M. in Montreal would I trade Gallagher and Galchenyuk to Detroit for Zetterberg and Datsyuk right now! Very interesting question from a 9 year old! But after thinking about it for a minute, I said no way! Too much youth and potential to trade away. But the two Wings sure would look good in red, white, and blue! Any thoughts?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Bruins stay alive with OT win (2012-04-22 12:40:36)
    Red Sox are a classy organization! Nice tribute yesterday to the anniversary of the titanic! They hit hard, then sank; many people suffered!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens’ winning streak ends (2011-11-05 17:29:52)
    Nice to see our Habs on a roll. They are playing exciting hockey right now. I love the line combinations. The Kostitsyn, Eller, Moen line is really clicking. I came up with a great name for the line..."The KEMistry Line". Thought it was appropriate because of their great chemistry!
  • Comment on Habs Future (2011-10-17 13:08:00)
    Ed Lopaz! What a great comment. I love this site, but most of the comments are so negative and ridiculous, I was almost about to stop reading them. But every once and awhile, someone like yourself, makes it worth while to keep checking in. Montreal has a great team, that is exciting to watch. As long as there is a great product on the ice to watch, as fans, that is all we should ask for. No team is going to win all the time. The funny thing is, if Montreal would have won the shoot out against the Avs, all would have been right with the negative "sallys" on this site. Everyone should enjoy the team, cheer them on,even when things aren't going the best!
  • Comment on Punchless Canadiens drop another one (2011-09-29 15:45:16)
    As everyone on this site knows,when talking about our beloved Canadiens most hockey "experts" say Montreal can't compete in the Eastern conference because their forwards are too small. Myself, for one, always thought this was a load of crap. You don't have to be big to compete in this league. Small speedy players with heart can win you not only games but championships. These so called experts who say the Habs are too small, are the same ones saying that Buffalo is a greatly improved team and will challenge the Bruins for top spot in the division. A list of some of the forwards go as follows... C Tyler Ennis 5'9" 146LBS C Nathan Gerbe 5'6" 160LBS C Derek Roy 5'9" 188LBS C Jochen Hecht 6'1" 191LBS W Brad Boyes 6'1" 195LBS W Patrick Kaleta 6'0" 195LBS W Jason Pominville 6'0" 186LBS W Ville Leino 6'0" 182LBS There "tough" guy Mike Grier 6'0" 220LBS. So can anyone explain to me how this team is supposed to be a force in the East and Montreal is still too small!
  • Comment on 30 agendas in NHL camps (2011-09-17 14:02:29)
    SEVENTEEN Lets start with #1 and the great Jacques Plante What more from a goalie could any team want. Then we have #2, the rock solid Doug Harvey One of the greatest defencemen in NHL history. #3 was the tough and rugged Emile Bouchard In his day there wasn't a player who could hit as hard. #4 was worn by the spectacular Jean Beliveau The classiest hockey player that we all know. Wearing #5 was the hard shooting Bernard Geoffrion There weren't too many players, who played as strong. The great Howie Morenz, who played with such fire His #7 was the first jersey that the Habs would retire. Maurice "the Rocket" Richard and his famous #9 He is the greatest Montreal Canadien of all time. Next there is Guy Lafleur wearing his familiar #10 He was nearly unstoppable when skating end to end. #12 is retired for two of their greatest players ,they say Silky smooth Dickie Moore and the speedster Yvon Cournyer. #16 is also retired for two tremendous "Canadien" Henri Richard and Elmer Lach, the classiest of men. #18 was retired for the big strong Serge Savard He was one of the steadiest men to play "rear guard". #19 was made famous by the huge Larry Robinson When he played for the Habs, he was a big reason they won. Bob Gainey proudly wore his "C" and his #23 One of the most complete players we ever did see. In goal was Ken Dryden, and he wore #29 He was definetly the greatest goaltender of his time. Last but not least is Patrick Roy and his #33 He was the most competitive goalie we ever did see. The Habs had some of the greatest players the NHL has seen That's why hanging from the rafters are these "Seventeen".