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  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-02-06 21:19:02)

    Although it's true that the Habs have trouble scoring, their strong defensive play (and goaltending) usually helps them win games.  Unfortunately, the Habs fell behind early and they were up against a team that also plays a very strong defensive game.  We lost.  Big deal.  We're going to lose a few more before the season ends.  Many good teams will.

  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-03-09 04:01:12)


    I’m a second-time poster and just wanted to share a few thoughts about the game tonight.  First and foremost, I’m extremely happy to hear that Max Pac is able to move his limbs.  I wish him a speedy recovery and hope to continue hearing more positive updates about his condition.


    The hit:

    As clichéd as it sounds, I think Chara should most certainly be held responsible for the consequences of his actions.  Although I do believe that Chara did not actually intend to permanently injure Mac Pac, or end his career, etc… Chara did decide to deliver a solid check… several moments after Max Pac had sent the puck into the offensive zone.  It’s important to note that Chara was completely aware of his surroundings (as he mentioned to reporters) and I’m sure he was somewhat certain that a strong hit would have caused his victim to at least fall over the boards (which is still quite malicious if you think about it).  Drunk drivers who never actually intend to drive into trucks/poles/trees but still accidentally kill their passengers are convicted and guilty of murder.  Similarly, I feel that hockey players who don’t specifically intend to paralyze/concuss their opponents must also be held accountable for bad decisions that end up severely harming their opponents.  In the real world (where no one gets paid millions of dollars to play a game), those who hurt other people by accident are still responsible for the harm they have caused.  I’m not saying that Chara should be sent to jail.  I do, however, think that he should be suspended… for several games.   


    The Habs not seeking revenge:

    I’m pretty happy that they didn’t resort to cheap shots and “thuggury” at the end of the game.   If you really think about it.... they don’t even have the personnel to do so.  For obvious reasons, I really, really did not want to see Benoit Pouliot, or Gomez (who often gets feisty and crazy), or Moen fight Lucic.  A Chris Neil-type person would have really helped but the Habs organization does not want to employ the services of such players.  But when it was necessary, even with our lack of tough guys, we still won the only fight in the game.


    The Habs beat a great team:

    The Bruins have a bunch of cool, fancy new players that they acquired before the trade deadline.  The Bruins are a tough team with good defense, good offense and great goaltending.  They also blow three-game leads in the playoffs.  Oops!