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Guy Lafleur smoked between periods. Did smoking give him the relaxation he craved before scoring so many goals?

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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-26 10:21:21)
    F it. Can we rest all our veterans / key players and call up as many goons as we have in the farm system? Blunden, Conboy, White ect? Nothing to gain or lose in that game anyways, except for injuries. Would make for a fun night saturday... You just know the leafs will have their knees and elbows out all evening.
  • Comment on Therrien tinkers with lines; no NHL discipline for Leafs’ Grabovski (2013-02-11 21:43:27)
    We need a gritty forward, but are deep in defensemen. Philly is deep with gritty forwards, but weak on D this year. Have to wonder what kind of player we could get for Gorges. Love the guy, but he is not physical, and has little offensive upside. He has good trade value right now, a team that's in their cup window but has a hole to patch, like Philly, might give us a good return. Gorge for Talbot and a 2nd rounder? Couturier for Gorges straight up?
  • Comment on Four Bulldogs players and Galchenyuk invited to Habs camp (2013-01-12 19:00:23)
    I think we may be OK with one smurf per line, provided they bring something else to the table. Gallagher with Eller and Moen, or Armstrong, why not? Often the best lines in hockey have complimentary skillsets, a 2 way guy, a goalscorer, a physical guy. Guy Lafleur smoked between periods. Did smoking give him the relaxation he craved before scoring so many goals?
  • Comment on Habs players talk about the shortened season that awaits them (2013-01-08 20:16:47)
    I'd like to see Plekanec get even more help on his wing and move up to number 1 C. He deserves the spot. Bourque is a big body and it would be nice to see DD's playmaking magic get him scoring again. Having all the eggs (wingers)in the same basket so to speak made the habs too easy to play against last year. Pac-Plekanec-Gionta Bourque-DD-Cole Guy Lafleur smoked between periods. Did smoking give him the relaxation he craved before scoring so many goals?
  • Comment on News of Robinson, Dudley, Doan, Chelios and Brodeur (2012-07-10 21:27:35)
    So the habs are still short one top 6 winger. Someone who can play with Plekanecs. Someone who's available this summer. Someone who can plug a hole while we wait for our top 6 prospects to be ready, Glachenyuk, Gallagher, Bournival, Eller ect. How about the guy who scored 35 goals and 84 points with Plekanecs 4 years ago, who loved playing in Mtl, who's not under contract right now? Someone who's a bigger body, that can make plays, that can finish... Could the habs get Kovalev back for a year? Is it a bad idea? Pac-DD-Cole Kovalev-Plekanec-Gionta Bourque-Eller-Armstrong Prust-White-Moen
  • Comment on Things to watch for in the Cup final (2012-05-30 13:02:19)
    Lets not forget the dirty hit that took David Booth out for quite some time... I think I'll feel sick if I see that guy with the cup... Same feeling as watching Chara & Lucic last year. Thugs with friends in right places seemingly -Guy Lafleur smoked between periods. Did smoking give him the relaxation he craved before scoring so many goals?
  • Comment on Panthers visit Bell Centre (2012-03-27 10:52:59)
    Am I the only one who doesn't think Bourque-Plekanec-Gionta will be an effective line next year? Plekanec and Gionta are too similar. Small, shifty, quick feet, quick hands, hard working. But more importantly they score goals in a similar fashion, on the rush. Both players are shooters, not playmakers. Neither can sustain an effective forecheck once the opposing team has settled into their defensive roles. One of the things that has made the DD line good this year is the players have complimentary skillsets. Cole is a workhorse and powerful skater, Pacioretty is a quick shot, DD is a gifted playmaker and passer. I see no other way to have an effective second line next year than picking up a free agent to complement Plekanec. This means cutting Gomez from the lineup. Gionta may be better suited to playing with Eller, he can help him raise his game and show him how to be effective north-south player. Lastly I liked Leblanc this year. He's looked better to me than Pacioretty did in his first callup in 09. He's got a lot of potential, but is not yet ready for big minutes in the big league. He needs to center Gallagher on the first line in Hamilton next year and prove he can dominate in the AHL before he gets called up again. No reasons to think he will not. If both players click we will have another apri like DD/Pacioretty for the habs in a year or two. Next year I'd see Pacioretty-DD-Cole Bourque-Plekanec-Parenteau/Parise/1st rounder Moen-Eller-Gionta Darche-White-Staubitz
  • Comment on Multimedia from Friday practice (2012-03-03 08:55:16)
    I know DD's stats have been compared to St-Louis... Thought it'd be funny to be blasphemous and compare him so far to other small, sucessful centres; DD: 5'7, 177lbs Last year in the Q: 61GP 38G 70A 108P First full year in NHL: 65GP 14G 36A 50P Henri Richard: 5'7, 160lbs Last year in the Q: 46GP 27G 36A 63P First full year in NHL: 64GP 19G 21A 40P Claude Giroux: 5'11, 172lbs Last year in the Q: 55GP 38G 68A 106P First full year in NHL: 82GP 16G 31A 47P Yvan Cournoyer (RW, just for fun) 5'7, 172lbs Last year in the Q: 53GP 63G (!) 48A 111P First full year in NHL: 65GP 18G 11A 29P
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose fourth in a row, six of their last seven (2012-02-27 08:23:08)
    If Eller was going to be our future we'd know it by now. DD has outperformed him at every level statistically, junior, AHL, NHL... Eller is going to be a checker in this league. Good skater, lots of heart, but the talent is just not there. He stickhandles well and controls the puck well, just without the vision to be a top center here. Tyler Seguin he is not...
  • Comment on About this evening … (2012-02-20 07:27:40)
    We have to stop using the big first line enter argument. Boston doesn't have one, Kreji and Bergeron are good players, but not exactly Stamkos or Malkin, more like 50 points per season types like Plekanec. Detroit's on top of the league and they don't have that piece either. Datsyuk has monster hands in the shootout, but has not been anymore productive than Plekanec last two seasons, and not as good defensively. Between Plekanec, DD, Eller, Leblanc, Gomez and White, we have decent depth in centre. I'm more worried about our D to be honnest.