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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 8: Four-game win streak ends with 2-1 loss to Nashville (2013-10-19 14:59:01)
    Having endured and suffered through almost 70 years of that "white" attitude as a visible minority immigrant, you can be sure that my antennae are always sensitive to nuances in language, subtle gestures, "knowing" arching of the eyebrows. Every time the topic of PK comes up in a discussion on any program, there is an element of the attitude in the background (elephant in the room?). Every time! That was a well written and thoughtful article.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-18 09:11:43)
    I am old enough to have see Butch Bouchard Sr. (on TV starting in 1953), and every one of the names you have mentioned in your post, live. I don't get your lack of recognition for pure talent which PK has as much, if not more, than some of the greats. PK will be a "lifer" with the Habs and his sweater will hang up in the rafters soon after his retirement.
  • Comment on Habs trim training camp roster to 38 players (Video) (2013-09-17 14:26:49)
    But Denis won a Cup after the trade and Chelios starred in Chicago but could not win the Cup there.
  • Comment on Desharnais: “You’ve just got to turn the page and learn from it” (2013-09-12 18:11:23)
    Just a generic question to ask my fellow Hab fans. I will be spending the winter in Toronto (Greenwood north of the Danforth area) and I really don't want to pay Rogers or anyone else big bucks for cable for such a short while. But I DO need to watch the Habs whenever they play. Need suggestions as to how I can get my fix, nearest Hab friendly bar, cable alternatives...?? Thanks.
  • Comment on Habs’ training camp kicks off in Brossard (Video) (2013-09-12 08:32:20)
    People of "The Rock" are probably the most generous people in world, alongside the good folk of Saskatchewan. If you read more stories about the events ensuing after 9/11 you will find a big speech/world address given by that **** G.W. Bush a few days later that paid tribute to everyone EXCEPT Canada. Not one word, nada. In fact he said several times that that the terrorists were Canada based. With friends like that, etc...etc...etc...
  • Comment on Happy 82nd birthday to Jean BĂ©liveau (2013-08-31 09:35:39)
    I remember le Gros Bil not only as a hockey player from those early days, but in the early 50s he was quite a baseball player and I heard rumours that he was heavily scouted by the Major league scouts. I saw him play baseball when his team played the our local team (Val d'Or) in '53 or '54. When he became a permanent member of the Habs, he became the target of misguided opponents who mistook his unwillingness to fight for cowardice (Hi, Don Cherry!). In his second full year, a teammate took him aside and told him that a few knuckle sandwiches would settle down some of the neanderthals (Bostonian, Toronto). That was the reason for his 143 minutes and from then on, no one but nobody took him on. I only saw him play several times in the '60s. (Ha! he had a lot of room when Fergy became his linemate in 1964).
  • Comment on Toronto transit workers don’t want to wear Habs colours (2013-08-20 19:07:28)
    I grew up in Abitibi so Montreal was the absolute Mecca, even if the Habs were not there. The city still has that spirit that is almost palpable, certainly, but having spent a lot of time on a steady basis for the past ten years or so in Toronto, I would say that Toronto has Montreal beat on many fronts. Being a member of the visible minority, there is still a vestige or two of that old debbil "racism" to be dealt with in certain circles and certain quarters of Montreal in particular and Quebec in general. God bless the "pur laine".
  • Comment on Scott Gomez signs one-year deal with Panthers (2013-08-01 09:14:01)
    Great job Ian. We introduced ourselves by phone a few days ago and I just want to post this so you will recognize my username if I post again. Cheers. BTW I have been a registered member since this board started and have read almost every one of the entries the members have submitted.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-03-09 10:31:15)

    I don't comment on a regular basis, but Chara is lying through his teeth when he says that he is never out to hurt anyone. For all you computer adept youngsters please Google up, on "youtube", his fight with Raitis Ivanans when the latter was with Montreal. In that fight the officials had stopped the fight and separated the combatants when Ivanans fell but Chara went back and laid about 3 good ones on Ivanans while he was down and defenseless. Broken nose and orbital bone for Raitis. A smirk of smug satisfaction for the giant troglodyte.

    Poor misunderstood Zdeno.

  • Comment on Pursegate: It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity (2008-02-12 11:15:57)
    As we used to say in Old Quebec, WWT (whoa, whoa tabernacle)! We only heard the dry details of the arrest itself, that is the police report. I am absolutely certain that there will be explanations and reasons given by O'Byrne himself and his team mates. Even in the US one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, why are most of us ready to hang the kid before he even sees the inside of the courtroom? I don't know about many of you, but I was 23 once (albeit a long time ago), did some stupid things under the influence that could have been misconstrued as illegal, strictly speaking. Life's a whole mess of nuances.