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  • Comment on Pacioretty speaks to TSN’s McKenzie (2011-03-10 07:18:41)

    Good for you Air Canada. At least you showed some intestinal fortitude in pulling your sponsorship to the NHL the bush league. Full of Goons and idiots who run them. The sports personnel for TSN, NHL, and 60 in 30 could not find it amongst themselves to admit there was intent on Charas part to drive his head into the post. LOOK AT THE STILL PICTURE IN THE GAZETTE his hand is cleary on the back of Patches head and driving it into the post . Disgusting hit on a very good player who may never play again. There should be criminal charges looked at as well Patch should consider sueing Chara and the Nhl. What a joke this league has become. The best player in the World taken out by a goon during the out door game and will not be back this year and maybe never and no response from the league and now this ABSOLUTLEY NOT ACCEPTABLE. Take your heads out of your Asses and at least speak your minds not what your being told to say the the executive of the NHL. Patch and his family we have you in our prayers, speedy recovery and always the best. Same to you Sidney Crosby cheap shots are no longer acceptable in hockey or any sport.

  • Comment on Habs to pursue Pacioretty case at GM meetings (2011-03-10 16:59:02)

    Good for your Mr. Molson. We support you 100% as fans. Its time to put a stop to this sort of on ice behavior. We continue to loose some of our best athletes to foolish acts of violence like this and it has to stop. Hockey is regressing not progressing like it should be. Our heartfelt best wishes go out to the Pacioretty family at this time i can only imagine how they must feel. Good luck to you on your endeavours with the league as it may be difficult to convince some of the dinasaurs this type of behavior is no longer an accepted part of this great sport.

    Bill Lowerison

    Kitchener Ontario