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  • Comment on Game 57: Lightning shocks Canadiens (2008-02-12 15:05:29)
    Sorry. It was a typo. I obviously meant to put O'byrne in and Brisebois out.
  • Comment on Game 57: Lightning shocks Canadiens (2008-02-11 22:14:21)
    It's time to cash in on some easy points against Tampa and catch up to Ottawa. Get all 4 lines going, especially the checking line. Keys to the game: -Keep Ryder on a top line. He was one of few players who showed some emotion against the Sens last game. -Solid defensive game with Komisarek playing with Markov -Replace O'Byrne with Brisebois. There's no easier team than the Bolts in order to get a few more game under your belt -Shut down the top 3 players(Richards, Lecavalier, St-Louis)..because other than them, they don't have anyone other...maybe Prospal also. -Make sure Huet makes the first saves to get his confidence back -Keep the Bolts on their heels with some good pressure and hits
  • Comment on Matter in hands of police: Gainey (2008-02-11 22:05:37)
    Stealing a purse when you're making 590 000? Too much drinking at the rookie dinner. Funny thing is that Price can't even drink in the US-imagine if he would've gotten caught. 3 players in one night.
  • Comment on O’Byrne’s stay in Hamilton a short one (2008-02-10 11:41:36)
    Pull Breeze-by out of the lineup, put O'byrne in. It makes sense because O'byrne was a regular before he got injured against Florida. Brisebois really is a liability on D, like Souray. Except Souray's shot sort of made up for it.
  • Comment on Game 56: Senators clobber outmatched Habs (2008-02-10 11:30:35)
    It was really hard to watch this game. We hit way too many posts..Higgins can't seem to get out of the doghouse. The game could've easily changed if he potted that one..and then the Latendresse break. It could've easily been 3-2 at that point. Sometimes we need games like these to get us back on track.