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  • Comment on Dinner with Max: An enlightening look at Habs sniper Pacioretty, on the ice and off (2015-03-27 12:44:35)
    Exactly how does that help. why don't you give a DSP watch. you can't because DSP is invisible. mjames
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-27 11:24:06)
    I realize we have 100 points but the disturbing fact is that we are entering the playoffs as one least effective playoff teams. Last night the Jets showed us how to play a chip and chase system. You chip it in and then the forwards need to hit the defense into the boards. Our chip and chase consists of chipping it in and then fighting the opposition defense for puck possession. We do not hit or punish the opposition defense. If you are not going to hit then forget the chip and chase. Carry the puck into the opposition end since at least you have possession going in. . We do not have team who hits. It is too late to try to change. DSP is not the anser because he one guy and way too slow to be able to hit the opposition defense. We should focus on a puck possession system which means we need to switch up some players and bring in Thomas and Andrigetto. We can compete all we want but we do not have the players to play a chip and chase. I hope MT can be a little flexible and make a few changes because if not, we are out in the first or second round. mjames
  • Comment on Tokarski will get start in goal for Canadiens vs. Jets (2015-03-26 13:19:59)
    I see where DSP has been moved to the 4th line. Well that is progress. I guess we have to live with "baby steps". Maybe by next week DSP is sitting. mjames
  • Comment on Tokarski will get start in goal for Canadiens vs. Jets (2015-03-26 13:18:20)
    From what I can see most of your effort is spent commenting on other posters rather than the team. You do come across as a moderator. mjames
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-25 14:05:27)
    Posts like yours are so tedious when you criticize posters who dare to look at things in an objective light. You come across as bore. This fellow Steverno merely tried to quantify what everyone, who watches the game, sees. That is DSP contributes little to the team's success. You have to question the coach's decision to continue to play DSP and get the same poor result. mjames
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-25 11:21:31)
    We saw again last night how utterly ill-equipped DSP is to play at the NHL level. All he does float aimlessly in his end leaving opposing players to roam free in the high and low slot. His hits have no effect because they are all after the fact. His attempt to receive that pass at the end of regulation play was simply brutal. MT refuses to field his best team. Nashville had an 18 year old Swiss kid who was 5'9" and 180 . He had not problem navigating around DSP because DSP could not catch him. DSP's skates in cement. mjames
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Predators preview: Mitchell in for Malhotra; Gilbert sidelined (2015-03-24 16:59:50)
    Do you think MT will ever sit DSP. All he has done is proven he does not belong at this point in his development.. The players must be scratching their heads. I wonder what players such as Hudon, Andrigetto, Thomas, Prust, Weisse, Max, Plecks , subban and Eller are thinking. mjames
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-22 09:03:45)
    I don't disagree with your comment on DSP. However if we are to accept what you say in your second he should be playing in Hamilton so he can develop properly. Why does he get special treatment? It is painfully clear he a cut below every Hab player. Here we have Bournival hiding a concussion because he is afraid MT won't play him while MT gives DSP chance after chance. I don't get it. mjames
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-20 11:33:32)
    Do you recall DSP's work along the boards last night. It was terrible. Pure amateur. If you did watch him play you would have written your second para differently. Come on it is all well and good to support the team but lets be honest in reporting how players play. If we are being honest in assessing DSP's skills he should be in the ECHL. mjames
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-20 08:46:17)
    Sometimes I wonder if Mike Boone watches the game or just reads the stat sheet for his ALN's columns. I agree with MB's assessment that the 3rd and 4th lines have played well with one exception. That exception is the play of DSP. DSP's 4 hits were misleading because the hits, as usual, took him out of the play. In every game we see another facet of DSP's inept game. Last night he was brutal along the boards as he lost most of his puck battles. This was supposed to be his strength. Also he never goes to net because he usually arrives too late. I really fail to understand the patience this kid is being shown. Any other player would be riding the bench or in Hamilton. I see Mike Boone takes issue with Galchenyuk's play. Well all I can say that even on Galchenyuk's worst nights he is still 10 times the player DSP is. There is no comparison. On another matter I have one question. If the Sens edge out the Bruins do we have to play them in the first round if we finish first in the Atlantic? The Sens are playing significantly better than their record and we are playing worse than our record. It is not a good recipe for success. Yes I know we have secret weapon in DSP. When the playoffs start he will turn on his game and hit everything in sight and crash the net on every shift. He will be the second coming of Milan Lucic. mjames