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  • Comment on Habs have had some first-round draft busts over the years (2013-06-25 16:40:15)
    Good job Stu on your article, cause obviously the other 29 teams have never had first round busts in the past 20 years, right?? i should start writing for the gazette, it's easy, just recycle old articles about how many terrible first round players we've drafted or didn't draft in the past 20 years, and then post it as if you researched it yourself.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-24 12:24:52)
    Did you know, Montreal has allowed more goals than every team in the league except San Jose, Vancouver, Detroit, Nashville, St louis, New jersey, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Edmonton, Carolina, Washington, Dallas, Toronto, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Winnipeg, Colorado, Buffalo, Calgary, New York Islanders and Florida?
  • Comment on Four point game for Habs-Sens (2011-12-27 13:11:45)
    When did Kyle turris become a Bonafide Second line centre?? heck, when did he become a Bonafide centre???
  • Comment on Gomez cops to bad season (2011-04-29 01:31:38)
    why are you bring d'agostini and skos into this?? skos was traded because of his attitude.. or lack of a brain... the habs org. knew he had talent... so really it isn't surprising that he's produced on the first line in nashville...... same with matt.... with perron injured and boyd traded away.. he became there first line winger.... both players would never have amounted to anything in montreal, as both don't play the system that martin instills... so really who cares what they do... heck why not bring ribeiro in the mix also, or koivu, or any other ex hab... why not recchi??
  • Comment on Whew! (2011-01-29 12:16:50)

    He was picked second to last in the draft order, but technically was picked last on Team Staal, just saying...

  • Comment on No news is … (2011-01-27 15:30:26)

    I don't know if this was mentioned somewhere, but Mike Richards is NOT in the All Star game. 

  • Comment on No Habs hockey on Saturday? (2011-02-19 12:23:34)

    never been a big fan of reds.. and have no problem when he writes about the canadiens. But when he starts writing about other teams(Grabner story) and other players then he should get the facts right.. or atleast the names correct. 

    Tyler Seguin, Taylor Hall.... One tyler, One taylor... not a couple of tylers...