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  • Comment on “This is the tightest group we’ve ever had,” Price says of Habs (Video) (2014-06-01 22:35:04)
    Concerning Habs UFAs At a minimum Habs will need an offensive forward and a top pairing defenseman. This is essentially to account for the roles played by Vanek and Markov. I see Markov being resigned unless Bergevin sees a free agent out there who is comparable defensively but also younger or cheaper. Out of all the UFAs, I see only Weaver being resigned short term for depth. Gionta will be gone for sure but a replacement won't be immediately needed. Concerning Habs RFAs Signing Subban is the obviously most important goal. I think Habs will resign all their RFAs and the challenge will be to negotiate reasonable deals. -- I expect these will be the first tasks to be resolved before any sort of trades will be considered for improving the team. Assuming Bergevin does manage to accomplish all the above then whether the Habs will do better next season will be highly dependent on the young guys improving. Mainly Galchenyuk, Beaulieu and Tinordi. Regardless of the progress of these youngsters, ideally I see Bergevin acquiring a defensive center with above average faceoff ability. If this occurs it would pave the way for potentially Plekanec to be traded. I doubt Desharnais will be traded. I don't see either Gorges or Emelin being traded because of the exact reason some may want them to be traded and that is their overpaid contracts. Emelin in any case is needed for his physicality. Beaulieu and Tinordi would have to be spectacular for any thought to be given to trading either Gorges or Emelin. Possible surprise move: Trading Bourque could happen if the deal is right because his value is higher now and it's really a crapshoot at his age whether he can play consistently well.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 6 – A long, fun ride is over (2014-05-29 23:55:49)
    Bergervin made some good moves, Vanek didn't quite pan out in the playoffs but he did give the team momentum at the end of the season and into the playoffs. A move that I did not see coming as I did not see the Canadiens at the time as being anywhere near a serious playoff run. Weaver & Weise were nice surprises. But lets give credit to some of his predecessors, Gauthier got Eller, Bourque, Gallagher, Bournival, Beaulieu and Tinordi. Gainey got Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Emelin and Gorges. Here's hoping Bergevin can build on some of the best pieces from before his time. This will be the true measure of Bergevin as a GM in the years to come.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 6 – A long, fun ride is over (2014-05-29 22:58:08)
    It was close and they put in a decent effort in the end at least. This has been a much better than expected season for the Habs. Rangers were just better. Didn't Moore score for the habs to eliminate washington or penguins in game 7? Moore did the habs in this time. I'm not surprised at the loss, our D corps is not good enough. To be competitive, only one of Gorges/Bouillon/Weaver should need to be dressed with better players in all the other D spots. A team that has to dress all of them will never win a Stanley Cup. Here's hoping Beaulieu and Tinordi pan out and that we have some other good D prospects coming in. Habs had the hardest time exiting the D-zone. Habs have some great young forwards and just need a couple more who can make an impact. Vanek should've been the difference maker here. which he was when we first traded for him. Habs will need someone with his offensive talent who can deliver in the playoffs as well. Perhaps Galchenyuk might be that guy one day. We'll need another guy who's bigger than Gallagher to be a net crasher. Maybe get someone who can help with faceoffs...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 3 – Toker smokin’, Galchenyuk OT hero and Canadiens are back in the series (2014-05-22 23:55:11)
    Gorges should have asked Therrien BEFORE the game to be the starting goalie. What the heck was he doing trying to take over Tokarski's position. So impolite. Markov scores finally. Hopefully this kickstarts Markov's offense because you can't rely entirely on Subban for offense from the blue line. It's amazing the stark contrast between the Habs D and Rangers D. Rangers D as a group are significantly better. McDonagh is so great but it seems if you hit the Rangers D more then they will cough up the puck. Habs need to do more of that. I guess Therrien knows what he's doing when he assembles one of the most expensive 4th lines ever. It couldn't be any more expensive unless we still had Gomez. I also wonder if the key to getting rebounds from Lundqvist is to shoot right at him like how a tennis player will sometimes serve to the body. Lundqvist seemed to be handcuffed by a few of those shots including Pleks' shot that lead to Galchenyuk almost scoring with his face. So many ugly goals but I'll take it. Is Tokarski the Habs antidote to Marty St. Louis? I hope so. It's great to see some of our young players having such a significant impact in the games. It's also great seeing previously maligned players coming up clutch as well. Anything is possible now, going forward.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern semifinal Game 7 – Bye-bye Bruins! Canadiens win 3-1, advance to Conference final (2014-05-14 23:16:50)
    I thought Rask would be a better goaltender. Wonder how Habs offense will do against Lundqvist. St. Louis is going to be extra dangerous against the Habs.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff Game 4 – Pacioretty propels Canadiens to Round 2 (2014-04-22 22:47:02)
    The forwards worked hard and forechecked but Tampa's goaltending was not great most times. Even Price was not that great at times and arguably the series could've been tied 2-2 at this point. However, I do feel that even if Tampa did have Bishop that the Habs would still have won the series considering their dominant play most of the time. Credit to Tampa for tying it 3-3 but two of their goals were weird/lucky so they can't say they had no luck or didn't get any favorable bounces. Habs defense still worries me though and Markov will need to start contributing offensively at some point. It'll be interesting to see how the Habs do against a team with better defence and goaltending. Then we'll know if their improved offense is for real and not just taking advantage of less than stellar goaltending.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff game 3 – Canadiens win a tight one, take 3-0 series lead (2014-04-20 23:46:08)
    Unexpected positives a 3-0 series lead All Habs forwards forechecking almost as relentlessly as Gallagher Bourque-Eller-Gionta line - an unexpected combo but the successes of Eller & Bourque are not totally out of left field, more a case of them rising to their potential. Unexpected negatives that will improve Pacioretty's lack of scoring (1 assist) but he's played well and I'm confident he'll produce. Aspects that need to improve but not sure they will Markov's lack of offensive production (0 points) - He's never had good offensive numbers in the playoffs and it's not that he plays badly but when one of your leading offensive defenseman in the regular season can't produce even average offensive results, that will make goals even harder to come by during crunch time. Faceoffs - Plekanec has done admirably but he's never been a consistently good faceoff guy. Sometimes he's good sometimes he's awful. When he has to be your top faceoff guy though, that's not great. Luckily the Habs surprisingly effective puck chasing and retrieval is compensating for this. Defense - Somehow they're getting the job done (I think the forwards are a major help though and Price has stepped it up when it counts) but I find our overall D corps still shaky sometimes with no single pairing being a truly reliable defensive pairing. Emelin and Gorges have their weaknesses exposed on occasion. Of course, having Bouillon and Weaver as your 3rd pairing is not ideal. They've done fine so far but better teams will be able to exploit them.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre talks Habs (2014-04-09 20:56:10)
    I thought this was an April's Fool joke for a moment.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 70 – Vanek arrives, scores three to bury Avalanche (2014-03-18 21:53:21)
    Put the 4th line on the pp. I think it'll work.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 48 – Call the cops! Canadiens steal two points with 5-4 OT win (2014-01-16 23:16:07)
    Players spent too much time witnessing one of Price's best performances.