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  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-27 13:02:11)
    Lol, perhaps we trade Gionta for Byfuglien. Salaries are similar.
  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-26 23:16:53)
    Great trade regarding Cole and Ryder and third round pick. Agree, Gionta days have to be numbered, even if take a second and dump salary it is a win win situation for us. 4 second round picks in this draft is huge. Use the money and obtain Bobby Ryan or Perry. Another thought and probably wishful thinking on my part, but maybe if we package Gionta and Leblanc we possibly could obtain a 2013 first round pick. Keep Eller and Gally and Gally on the same line. Let them develop.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Sabres beat Canadiens 3-2 in OT (2012-03-12 17:14:34)
    Markov should continue his rehab in my humble opinion. At the most, test the knee a few games and call it a season ( personally I would keep him on the bench). Eller, DD and Leblanc should get the ice time, not Pleks or certainly not Gomez. Bring up Tinordi and Nathan B. for a few games, just to get a flavor of the NHL game. I fear we will win a few games and it will absolutely screw us in the lottery/draft. Dumb management moves continue to plague this team -ugh!
  • Comment on Pouliot, Pyatt, Picard aren’t qualified (2011-06-27 16:15:00)
    Benoit P - Damn - give him one more year. A future line of Eller, Max Pac and Benoit P will be absolutely amazing. Let them play together for one season and build chemistry. Get rid of Spacek and Gomez and let Benoit P play. Granted, Benoit has made some mistakes, so did PK. Experience will overcome youthful mistakes.
  • Comment on Audio: Gauthier loads up on the blue line at NHL draft (2011-06-25 14:12:34)
    We have a lot d men with this draft, Gauthier might be packaging a trade with some D prospects with Gomez - Let the party begin.
  • Comment on No shortage of news from draft (2011-06-25 11:20:32)
    Phoenix may consider Gomez
  • Comment on No shortage of news from draft (2011-06-25 11:11:22)
    RDS reporter Renaud Lavoie is saying the Habs and Coyotes are talking about Gomez. Hopefully not a Hockey Buzz rumor. Would that be great!!!!
  • Comment on Saturday update: Habs take Sea Dogs D Beaulieu with 17th pick in draft (2011-06-25 00:32:12)
    Second round pick if available should be Scott Mayfield, Youngstown (USHL) Keep Pouliot for 1 more year, Wiz see ya for a second round pick. Mayfield would be excellent for the Habs. Fluid skater, hard shot with accuracy and can fight. Bye Bye LUCIC.
  • Comment on And then they rested … (2011-03-31 23:17:43)
    Much to my dismay, you are absolutely correct. Boston, Tampa Bay and various other teams got stronger, bigger, and faster at the deadline. I think PG plugged holes as best he could without prostituting the team in the future. I have said it before, and I will say it now, Gomez must go. To much money for not enough in return. I realize the injuries this year, however I do not believe even as a healthy team, we have the grit and scoring ability for a bonafide cup run. Gomez and Spacek next year are in the minors or hopefully trade. The trade is probably wishful thinking. I can dream. If possible, Regher and or Shea Weber would be ideal. Markov and Gorges are very good. Given the sustained knee issues with Markov maybe a trade package at the draft. Probably wishful thinking. Gill, Wiznewski and especially Subban are keepers. Sopel is decent. Offense, shop Cam for some size. AKOS I would keep him. would like to see Muller as coach. Muller brings spirit on the bench, where martin is to vanilla in attitude. Martin has not done a bad job, given injuries, however I believe a spirited coach would help. Eller, AKos seem to jell. I would like to see Benoit Pouliot with these two guys. MAX Pac was a big loss. At draft day, obtain a sizable punishing gritty defense-man. Cheers!
  • Comment on Update: Pacioretty returns home (2011-03-10 15:27:30)

    That would awesome, maybe he could fall into a partition!